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  • easy ribbon ornament

    If you have kids who can sew by hand, or are old enough to use your sewing machine -

    1) cut a length of 1.5 inch wide cloth ribbon (Christmas colors) about 18 inches long

    2) fold in half lengthwise

    3) stitch together, a little bit in from the edges - I used ruffle edge ribbon and stitched along at the base of the ruffle

    4) slide a length (11 inches) of craft wire - not too heavy duty - through, bunch up the ribbon, and loop the ends of the wire together snugly and as flat as possible.

    5) slide the two ends of the ribbon over the looped wire ends and give a stitch or two to tack the ribbon ends together.

    6) shape it into a circle

    7) Tie a contrasting bow at the top, where the ribbon and wire ends connect

    8) add a thread to hang onto the tree

    It is supposed to somewhat represent glass baubles (I was going to make all colors), but it looks like a wreath, doesn't it. Well, make some green ones and tie a red bow at the top! Add a couple of pretty sequins, perhaps!
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    That looks really pretty and so simple but effective I think I will have a go. Now where did I put that ribbon......



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      I hope guessed the measurements correctly! Let me know how it turned out - I am about to make another one while watching Elementary.


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        Wow, It is looking so cool, Thanks for sharing procedure of making easy ribbon ornaments as craft for kids.
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