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  • snow jar

    I'm going to make a couple of these with my grandkids...I had made this clothespin reindeer and it was perfect for this pickle jar - and had some snowflakes on hand -

    I glued a piece of wood to the jar lid, to raise the reindeer up a bit, and added the snowflakes. You can turn it over or shake it gently. The snow doesn't fall as in a regular snow globe with water or oil, but it's fun. The lid is not glued shut.

    Here's a snowman jar -

    The snowman is two gift tags back to back...they don't match up exactly, but that's okay, it isn't very noticeable. Again, I glued a piece of wood in the jar lid to raise the snowman up some. My husband had made a tiny slot in the wood for the snowman to be glued in to.

    When the grands come out, we'll use some little Christmas trees just like in the tute I posted in the Advent Calendar thread.