Hi everyone

Am new to the forum so if I have posted this in the wrong section please let me know. There are some fantastic info on this forum - I will have to introduce myself on the other forum.

If anyone is from West Cornwall or know of people who lives there and have children please pass this on, thank you. I realise time is ticking on and so I hope to generate some interest here.

To celebrate this year's Chinese New Year I am putting on several after school sessions of children's paper dragon making workshop. They will make a lovely, lively and colourful dragon to take home by the end of the session. During the session they will also get to know some main facts about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. This is suitable for 8-11 years old but younger children can attend if accompanied by a parent. It will cost £5.20 per child inclusive of all materials used. The workshop will start at 3.30pm - 5.15pm. Dates are 18th - 20th Jan so 3 sessions. Location: Truro Scout Hut, Boscawen Park, Truro. Places must be booked and paid in advance. My contact details are [email protected]