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New Paper Crafting Classes / Workshop in Leed West Yorkshire

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  • New Paper Crafting Classes / Workshop in Leed West Yorkshire


    I am looking for some help, advice or ideas about starting up a new paper craft class / workshop.

    It would be in Garforth, LS25, Leeds.
    It would be weekly on a Tuesday morning, 10am - 11.30am.
    It would be suitable for all levels of crafts.
    All materials would be provided (plus a cuppa and a bun!).
    I would try to do a couple of projects a session.
    It would cost around £7 per week.

    As much as I love crafting, I would have to run it as a business, so I would need at least 6 people to turn up weekly.

    Does anyone have any experience of setting up classes? Are their enough people out there who would attend? What do you think of the price point?

    I would appreciate any advice or thoughts anyone may have. I try and talk it over with my husband, but he's no help, not crafty at all - thinks I'm mad!

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    Hi Jeni

    I used to run card making classes when I had my physical shop. Due to space I had a maximum of 6 people per class although demand was high and I found myself repeating the same class 2 or 3 times which wasn't a huge problem as it gave me a chance to offer a choice of day/time. I too provided all materials (but asked them to bring scissors, pencil and ruler) and ran them as 90 minute classes.

    I'm trying to remember now but I think I charged £5 per class initially and when I ran the next batch of new classes I upped it to £10 but increased the number of cards they'd be making - everyone signed up again so the price didn't put them off. I would recommend 'advertising' how many cards/projects people would make and take home in your sign-up blurb as they'll be able to see it'll be value for their money.

    I themed the classes (men, iris folding, decoupage,using embellishments etc) so people knew beforehand the kind of thing they'd be doing that class and offered a discount if they signed up for all off them - most people did. I also learnt from the first lot that I ran to take payment upfront.

    I ran my classes in the evening as a fair few of my customers worked during the day and as it was held inside my shop I didn't need to worry about insurance as I was already covered by the shop policy.

    Hope that helps a little, if you have any other questions just give me a shout
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