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considering workshops, any advice?!

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  • considering workshops, any advice?!

    I am an art teacher whose timetable has changed immeasurably during my absence with long term illness, as such I now teach Health & Social Care and no longer have any Art (which I live and breathe!) ...yes, they can do that. I'm employed as a 'teacher' and can be deployed where neccessary more or less.

    As such,(enough of the moaning) I am eager to get my arty fix outside of work and I am considering setting up art & craft workshops either in my new house or at the local village hall.

    I am CRB checked which is a good starting point but I have no idea about insurance or telling the tax man etc - it's that sort of stuff that flusters me, I can do advertising, planning, ideas and costs etc.

    I want to do it properly!

    Any advice or experiences much appreciated!!

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    Hi Giggles I'm going to lock this thread and leave this link to your original thread otherwise it'll get confusing having a duplicate thread.
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