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Colour My Life – A Monthly Art MasterClass - Get immersed in Colour!

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  • Colour My Life – A Monthly Art MasterClass - Get immersed in Colour!

    Colour My Life – A Monthly Art MasterClass

    A Brand New Immersive Experience Online

    This is a Monthly Masterclass where each Month you will create a piece of Art by being fully immersed in a colour.

    In this Months Masterclass, you will create an Artwork that evokes meaning for you – using the colour PINK.
    During the class you will:
    1- Understand Colour Psychology and Colour Therapy through Colour Immersion and Art Making,
    2- Through the Design Process, understand how Association, Shape, Motifs and Composition creates Meaning to your work,
    3- Enjoy the Inspiration and Rejuvenation that Art Making through Colour provides and
    4- Create a unique Artwork in PINK, that has special Meaning for you.

    Wednesday 2nd June 2021 – 7pm BST to 8.30pm BST on Zoom
    FREE for Members | £7 for guests

    Skill level: Designed for beginners, so no experience required. Also those with some experience will enjoy and benefit.

    Art Materials Required: You can choose what Art materials you use for the lesson. Its a Mixed Media Class so anything you have in the colour PINK: A4 Paper/Cardboard, Colouring pencils, pens, paints and/or assorted papers/glue for collage recommended. You will also need plain paper or journal pages to sketch out your ideas at the start of the class.

    Class Structure: First 15 mins brainstorming ideas and Designing. 1 hour making. Final 10-15 mins finishing off and optional sharing to group if you like.

    Please note: You can choose to turn your camera on or off depending on how you feel on the day.

    This MasterClass is a safe space to foster your inspiration, playfulness and creativity

    How to book: Please go to: to book

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the Masterclass in Blue yesterday. Thanks so much“
    Jean. MasterClass Participant.
    “Really enjoyed tonights Masterclass in Blue, thank you so much Leona“
    Jane. Masterclass Participant.
    ‘We were so engrossed in your Class today that we barely spoke – it was so fun and relaxing!’
    Anne. Art Academy Member.
    “My first Colour Masterclass with Leona and the theme of Yellow was a great success! I’m so glad to be able to paint something so cheery, and the colors just made me feel happy like Sunshine! Thank you Leona!”
    Angelie. Art Academy Member.

    Teaching Art & Craft to Adults & Children for over 12 years

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