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Please help - designs/lettering on plaques

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  • Please help - designs/lettering on plaques

    Hi all,
    I am a new member, new to crafts in general & looking for hep………
    I have been making mdf plaques, not having a problem with making the wood just can’t work out the best way to write on the plaques nor how to put designs on them. My handwriting is not the best so freehand is not the best way for me.
    Any help would be great, have been searching the internet & don’t feel I am get anywhere fast. I have tried transfer paper & that didn’t work great & also showed up on the plaques. Also what computer software could I use?
    Many Thanks

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    Pyrography is a great option for plaques - however I wouldn't use it for MDF. Acrylic paint would be good if you wanted colour, and you always trace a front and paint in the outline?
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      You can use Word as your typesetter and print it out, Rub the back of the paper with chalk and transfer by drawing over the outlines with a ball point pen or H pencil, then use a brush with long bristles to paint the lettering. In Word you can alter the spacing between letters and lines, the larger the letters the closer the spacing for easier reading.


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        Do you just paint over the chalk? I was planning on using some kind of stamps and ink myself