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How to start an Etsy shop with less than $50 (£30)

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  • How to start an Etsy shop with less than $50 (£30)

    Hi all,

    In my latest blog post I've put together a shopping list for someone who wants to start an Etsy shop on the cheap, in this case a polymer clay earring shop.

    I looked around on eBay and put together an initial shopping list, and factoring in the price of listings on Etsy, made sure all outgoings came to less than $50 (or £30), a good idea when you are interested in selling, but don't want to lay down a whole bunch of cash initially before you've become comfortable with the process.

    I know people who spend loads on supplies etc and don't make a profit because of it - of course people sell for different reasons, but even if it's a hobby, it's nice to know that you're making back more than you're spending! And if you do want to have a successful business, it's important to only spend what you need!

    I hope you like it, I'm sure some of you might agree/disagree with points and I'd love your comments...
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