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  • Gift Box Tutorial

    Here is a tutorial of how to make a fairly simple but effective gift box - quite timely for Christmas! It's been featured on my blog and the design of the paper is part of the Minty Madness download from Funkyhand.

    What you will need: 1 sheet of printed A4 card (not too thick otherwise it won't fold too well - I have used 200gsm), a ruler, scissors, pencil, ribbon to decorate the top of the box and also to act as a tie on the top, double sided tape, glue, eraser eyelets and setting tool. The eyelets and setting tool are optional as you can use an ordinary hole punch instead.

    Time allowed from start to finish: 30 minutes plus glue drying time for the ribbon. This may vary as after making one you'll know what you are doing!

    Here are the measurements for the box - you should be able to click on the photo for a larger view. The solid lines are for cutting and the dashed lines are for folding. All measurements are shown in centimeters and the box can be scaled up to make a larger one if you want.

    Detail on the gusset for the sides of the box.

    Using the scorer, score along all the dotted lines as these will be the folds. You can use a pair of scissors to do this if you don't have a scorer but just don't press too hard or you'll end up cutting the card! By doing this step, the card is a lot easier to fold and it saves getting wonky lines too.

    Next, cut and fold on the appropriate lines. Don't worry too much about the gusset folds as it is easier to do these properly when the box is made - this step just helps! Any pencil lines can be rubbed out at this stage if you wish.

    Measure and mark where you want the eyelets to go on the two larger panels, so that you can close the box once its made up. If you don't have an eyelet setter, you can use an ordinary hole punch - just take your time when lining it up! It's difficult to get the eyelets to completely close when using one thickness of card, so you may want to layer the card either on the front or reverse just go give the eyelets stability and to stop them spinning round.

    Now the eyelets are set.

    Using the double sided tape (or if you are brave glue - but allow for drying time!) add pieces as I have done in the picture above.

    I found it easiest to close the bottom of the box first by layering the smaller flaps underneath the larger one. Now stick the sides of the box together and leave the final bottom flap free.

    Put double sided tape around the last bottom flap and bring the box upright to stick to the tape - this way you have more control over what sticks where and sufficient pressure is applied to make the tape stick.

    Now your box is looking like, well, a box! Don't feel bad about trimming any overhangs - it will finish your project off! Gently squeeze in the gusset sides of the box - you will now be glad you scored these earlier! And hey presto! It looks almost finished!

    I've used black ric rac to edge the top of the box but you can leave it plain or edge it in what ever you want.

    I've added green organza ribbon through the eyelets so it all ties together plus two scallop edged tags on which I've written my sentiment. But you can add what ever you like!

    Hope this was easy to follow!

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    Wow that's brilliant, thank you for sharing that with us

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      Thanks for that!


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        That is sooo cute.
        I will definately be trying this one out at the weekend


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          Very cool bag, I love the card and ribbon that you've used.

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            That's lovely Very nice idea for Christmas gifts.

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              How fab is that bag. Lovely for xmas gifts. Thanks very much for the tutorial!
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                Thanks for sharing ... appreciate it ...


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                  Thanks for sharing ! This a really good ! And what a beautiful idea to offer crafts in a so magnificent crafted gift box !
                  Greetings from France !!! Et oui, moi, c'est la petite Frenchy !

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                    Thank you very much. Love it.



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                      That is great. I am a fanatic for boxes etc, so will be trying this out


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                        Thank you. To day i made it for my friend's birthday present.
                        I am inviting you for a cup of coffee,
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                          Oh this is so handy - I found this just at the right time . TFS!
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