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Felt Making Course - Christmas Decorations & Gifts 10th December 2011, Near Bristol

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  • Felt Making Course - Christmas Decorations & Gifts 10th December 2011, Near Bristol

    The course is being run by Jill Dento, who is fabulously talented and has written a number of books.

    Felt-making is a fascinating, versatile skill, which is easy to learn and has endless applications. It is amazing what can be achieved in one day and this course is suitable for beginners and experienced felt-makers alike as we will learn a number of different techniques.
    We will learn how to make felt and discover a variety of methods and the equipment needed and then there are a variety of different designs you can follow to make beautiful handcrafted Christmas decorations

    All equipment and materials are supplied but please bring a small handtowel to work on.

    The course costs £120 per person and includes a two course home-cooked farmhouse lunch in our lovely kitchen. The teaching takes place in our newly built strawbale classroom on our smallholding.

    For more info you can find me under Mumbleys Farmhouse on the web or you can email [email protected]

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    This sounds lovely and it would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone. I've often thought that I would a course paid for me as a gift......ummm, I might just mention it to hubby!


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      Glad you approve - I am signing up for it myself, as i know the lady taking the course is very talented. Tell your hubby we do a nice gift certificate too....


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        I will do! Do you have a website? I'm in Cornwall so Bristol is very do-able for me.


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          Yes look up Mumbleys Farmhouse


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            Yes I google it and found your website. Your courses look great! A lovely range and I would certainly like tocome to the felt making course. I've passed the details to OH as we need to makesure that we don't have any business committments that I need to be involved in on that date.