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Setting up a craft/card making group in Broadstairs

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  • Setting up a craft/card making group in Broadstairs

    Hello, im Emma and am new to this site. I have only recently started card making but would love to start a group in the Broadstairs area, i live oppostite a great church hall who have agreed that we could use it. I am also quite new to the area so i would really like to meet up with like people who like crafty things, have a good chat, i would supply tea and cakes too! Would anyone be interested?

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    Hi Emma,

    I would be interested in this as I live in Whitstable but I couldnt commit to it on a regular (say weekly) thing. What kind of set-up were you thinking? I am also new to card making and am still learning basic techniques and am always too scared to go along to other groups for fear of being laughed out the room! A group for newbies with experienced demonstrators would be fab.

    Nikki x


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      Hi, thank you for your interest! Well it would be very informal, i was thinking weekly but it would just be for whenever you would be able to come really, i agree, im too scared to go along to an established group so thought i would set up my own! I shall put around some posters in the area and see if many other people are interested and keep you posted! x


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        Brilliant that sounds great! Send me a direct message because I forget to look back through threads :-) Look forward to hearing all about the results of the posters xx


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          Ooh good luck setting up your group!! I'm in Ashford so a bit too far really!

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