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  • av a gander

    please have a look at my website.
    all feedback welcome good or bad
    any suggestions would be great
    thanks guys
    also we are still under construction and have found a few spelling mistakes which my hubby is going to alter but if there is anything i have forgotten please let me know
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    looks good
    Jan xx


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      yea is lovely!!


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        Very good! Easy to follow!!! Sue xx


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          thanks u guys for the lovely reviews, sorry i havent been online to reply but have had a hectic few months, have done loads of craft fairs and added a few more items to my website. am gonna sit and add more pics and more detailed info this week, although it is now cricket season so my saturdays will be taken up with catching a few rays with a pint in my hand lol.
          maybe i could take a few samples with me to flog, anyway gonna do a bit of updating so any new comments would be grateful
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            Hi manda,

            Your website looks great, the only thing I would say is that it would be really good to show pictures of the 'make your own' kits, both of the kit contents and also an exemple of the finished article, that might encourage more people to purchase these.

            Otherwise everything looks good to me, and your products are lovely too.

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              Looks fine to me and I love the background pick, but....

              Why have you got the google adds on the site?

              Are you subscribed to adsense etc hence the adds - if so, id think about dropping them.

              Of course, you may be making some income via the adsense stuff, but I just cant see the logic of promoting other business on your commerce site - obviously its different for blogs and what have you.

              Also, whenever i arrive at a site with google adds it kind of puts me off - like the site is not your main concern or something.

              Maybe, of course, its just me!

              Wish you lots of success with it all - ill get my daughter to look at the site, she loves soap stuff!

              All the best

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                THANKS STEVE
                will have a look and see what is going on with the site, hubby usually does tha maintenance on it
                thanks for all the positive remarks
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                  Your website

                  You've obviously worked very hard on this. Your products look fantastic. I didn't quite undstand the shipping costs - but perhaps I'm just being thick. Do the prices in the 'Costs' column refer to the postage costs and the Prices to the costs of the goods?

                  I think you said you'd spotted the spelling mistake on the front page.

                  I love the 'banner' if that's what you call it across the page. How are you going to promote your site? Perhaps that's a thread for another day!!

                  Good luck with it all



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                    It's looking good. Seems easy enough to find all those important things (like postage costs) which are sometimes hidden away on some websites!
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                      I like it and love what you do and the prices are very reasonable I can see me shopping soon
                      I feel that the background image on your main page is a bit overpowering - my eyes were drawn to it and it kind of overshadows the content. Is there any way you can make everything appear higher up the screen on the other pages ? When I view it here on my laptop there's about 2 inches of the background image above your content so I have to scroll down to see whats there . Hope this helps
                      Chris xx
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