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My new website. What do ya' all think?

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  • My new website. What do ya' all think?

    Decided to stick with Mr.Site in the end as he's always there when hubby isn't!
    Well, after a bit of confusion and indecision about domain names (I now own 3 but don't ask its a VERY long story!) I can finally anounce the arrival of !

    I am open to all criticisms and suggestions. I know the opening page needs some colour and I am working on a banner at the moment, so hope to have that sorted soon.

    Let me know what you think!
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    I think your website is great. It's nice and clear and easy to navigate!

    I love the Sandman

    Good luck with it all


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      Trying to run before I can walk!

      Sorry to anyone who has been tryng to view my new website!

      I said in the original post about domain names, long story and all that, well the story hadn't finished!

      Anyway cutting an extremely long and probably very boring story short (lets face it I'm wordy enough at the best of times) my website IS most defo sorted and live now!

      So? What do you reckon?!
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        Had a quick scoot round it.

        I personally think it needs some images of your product on the home page, as it gives no indication on first glance what it is about, don't people make an impression of a website in the first few seconds?

        Also I believe you have to put your address and phone number on the site somewhere. Its a legal requirement.

        Other than that it looks good and I like the crafts you are selling. The text on the home page gives a very personal edge.

        Good luck with it.


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          I think it looks great. I agree with colourart about the greeting and adding some pics!

          I know that all you products are described in their sections, my only suggestion would be about gallery section. The pics arent label, and when you click on them it also doesnt say what they are. I have and I know you can add a description under each of the pictures and also when the picture is clicked on.

          I hope that makes some sort of sense!!

          that is my only niggle really, which isnt much, bcoz i think your site looks really nice


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            Lovely Pink

            I like the lovely pink colour of your home page, very welcoming. The design is simple and easy to follow. I would suggest you could consider using an image on the home page, you need to grab the attention of visitors in micro-seconds.
            Chris W.
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              I agree with the other comments about something on your home page - its a bit flat at the moment - you could do a lovely montage of your pics a bit like a Etsy treasury!

              I like the colours and the layout!

              Looks great!!


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                Love it, love it, love it, love it!!

                What more can I say!


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                  Originally posted by Tip Top View Post
                  you could do a lovely montage of your pics a bit like a Etsy treasury!
                  I did do something like that and then lost it before I could save it (had a lot of trouble with my interenet connection over the last few days) and couldn't be bothered to re-do last night. TBH I've been so impatient about getting it live that I left lots of tweeks that still need addressing.

                  Colourart, I thought that was the case with the address thing. I wanted to include it so people could send a cheque instead if they wanted but hubby seemed reluctant for me to have our address posted on the web!
                  Can you believe when I told him that I thought I should have my address on he said "it's just crafts, not like it's a proper business"!!!! (He hasn't got a clue how many people he's just offended). Anyway will be adding it in a sec, so I just won't tell him.

                  Thanks all for comments. Will go and have a fiddle about!
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                    Originally posted by Roseberry Crafts View Post
                    Can you believe when I told him that I thought I should have my address on he said "it's just crafts, not like it's a proper business"!!!! (He hasn't got a clue how many people he's just offended).
                    hope you've given him a good slap for that!

                    Nice site, nice colour, nice products,nice welcoming spiel on home page, but i agree that it could do with some piccies on there too!

                    two tiny spelling mistakes on ordering Info page

                    which is why your parcel may look a bit "hotchpotch" but youR purchase will always be well protected and clearly labelLed so that it reaches you safely.

                    one thing is that as your prices include P&P for UK , you should make this obvious at the outset! Some people may not bother trying to find that info, and you could lose a sale, as they may think it could be too expensive, once p&p added! Maybe add something next to the prices ( e.g. : inc.UK P&P)of each item , or at top or side of each page!

                    well done
                    It's looking really good


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                      Hi -tried to view your site there & its saying site under construction!

                      Just to let you know



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                        it was fine about 1 hr ago, maybe she's just twaeking it!


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                          I have just tried to access the website a couple of times and I'm getting the under construction message too.
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                            I enjoyed looking at your site, pretty colours. i left a message in your comment box.



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                              Love your site got onto it there a wee while ago!

                              Your products are lovely! Loved the bibs

                              All the best with it