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  • Kustomize

    Hi All,
    We are new to the craft world so please go easy on us!!!

    We have started a new business venture by embroidering portraits of people and would like feedback on how our website comes across and any changes you can recommend.

    We really hope our new venture will take off, we would really like your opinions as to whether you agree or do we need to change tack.

    Thanks for looking.

    Sue and Paul Worthington

    [email protected]
    Many Thanks,

    Sue and Paul
    [email protected]

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    I like the site, it shows very clearly what you can do and you have good prices.

    I love the pics of the animals!!

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      What a great idea, site is good, looks very classy

      Good luck I hope it goes well for you.
      Karisma Kandles


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        Thanks for your positive replies.

        We attended a craft fair last weekend but unfortunately we did not take any orders :cry:

        But we will keep trying and hopefully with word of mouth we may get some business.

        We may even look at Art/craft fairs too.

        Many Thanks
        Sue and Paul
        Many Thanks,

        Sue and Paul
        [email protected]


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          Hi Guys,

          What a unique idea to bring to market!

          Here's a few thoughts for you ...I have just been on your website and the following observations spring to mind.

          How big are the portraits?

          How would a prospective customer tell you what they want? Do they just ring and discuss with you?

          Why is it £12 more for two people if the picture is the same size?

          Please don't think I'm "having a go" at your idea and website, I'm not, both are great. But if I'm pondering these thoughts, your potential customers might be as well! You don't want to put any obsticles in the way of a purchase!

          I'm sure your sales will come, Mother's Day offers you a fantastic opportunity! Good luck!

          John. :wink:


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            Absolutely Fantastic! One of those ideas that makes you think, I wish I'd thought of that!


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              Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate your thoughts and we don't for one minute think you are having a go, it's just that we can get so wrapped up, we don't see it from a customers point of view as we know what we are selling and automatically think it comes across to other people too.

              We will put a page in discussing the sizes and thought we might also go into how we produce the portrait step by step also discussing method of communication with us.

              The reason for the extra £12 for the two persons is, every colour you can see is individually developed with 5 shades of colour so looking at a two person portrait there is at least twice the labour cost to produce approx 4-5 hours. Also another reason is to try to discourage people from ordering a two person portrait, as the quality in the face is not as good because the faces are further away and from a quality point of view i know we could produce much better if only one person was to be stitched, but we thought we would offer the service for people as an option.

              Hope i have not bored you all too much!!!

              Peterart,KarismaKandles, Seahorse, Thanks so much for your comments, they are much appreciated. :wink:
              Many Thanks,

              Sue and Paul

              [email protected]