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  • Website feedback please


    My new website has been live for a couple of months now. The build did not go smothly and has taken much longer than intended. It is however now almost finished. I would love it if some of you could take a look and let me have some feedback. Please feel free to be totally honest as I know there are still some problems and I will get the develpoper to fix them.

    One problem that they are working on at the moment is after entering the site if the first thing you click is off the top row of links you get an error so best to avoid that for your first click.

    I am currently going through adding new pictures as many of them were taken on a very old camera.

    The website is

    Also I am looking to add links to other craft sites so if anyone is interested in exchanging links please let me know.

    Thank you


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    Jo, I think your website is fab! Everything is really clear, your stuff looks gorgeous & it's really easy to navigate. I'd love to swap links with you, if you pm me with whatever write up you'd like I'll post the link asap.

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      Thanks Jayne

      I would love to do a link swap I have just PM'd you



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        Hi Jo,

        Like your website, your jewellry is lovely, I really like your pendants, I'll swap links with you if you like just pm. Good look with your website.

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          Thanks for taking a look Heather. I have sent you a pm with my details.



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            how do you do it

            Hi it looks good how on earth do manage to make this stuff and sell it at these prices? whish I had the secret all the best myke


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              Your website looks great. I love how the pics come up larger when you scroll over the smaller pic. Lovely jewellery too!My website is published but under construction at the mo, but hopefully it'll be sorted soon. I'd love to link share too!


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                I think it looks lovely Jo, I like the silver and purple colour scheme, seems to navigate around the pages nicely - and I like the way you also sell lovely little gift bags people could buy to go with their gifts too, very nice

                I know you wanted constructive criticism but I couldnt spot any obvious glitches or typos for you, sorry!

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                  Jo, it looks REALLY fab!!! And everything is a really good price, I would have loved to do a link swap, but I don't actually have a site set up yet....