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    Apologies in advance for the long post.

    I’m no expert where websites are concerned, but as an end user, I do have a comment that could be worthwhile considering, to potentially increase your sales.

    I have, since joining this site, looked at hundreds, if not thousands of craft sites, some belonging to members, and some are suggested links.
    One thing I have increasingly noticed is the lack of information re P& P costs, especially for overseas orders. (I don’t live in the UK, so this is especially important to me).

    If you don’t post overseas, fine, but make it clear at the beginning!
    Something like:
    We apologize but we currently only offer delivery within the UK. Please check back at a later date.

    If you do post items beyond the white cliffs of Dover, (seeing as the world doesn’t end there) then also make it clear, again somewhere obvious. Maybe a scrolling banner type thingy on top of each page or on home page.

    We deliver worldwide
    (Even if you haven’t sold abroad before, it can look good and could encourage overseas orders)

    Detailed postage costs
    Many sites give a break down of costs within the UK, but nothing for overseas, but ask the potential buyer to contact by email or indicate that the site will advise the buyer of total cost prior to processing the order!
    Better than nothing, but annoying. I like to know what something will cost from the outset. I love to see Free delivery worldwide, but understand that’s not really a possibility for small businesses. Exact pricing may be difficult, but some of you are regulars at the post office, so should be able to get some detailed information, and
    publish some guideline overseas postage costs, if not exact costs.

    I have seen sites with currency options, but which don’t say they post overseas, I can only assume they do, but there are NO details in P&P to so indicate nor any overseas postage costs.

    I have seen sites that offer a flat rate P&P charge, that apparently sell abroad, but is the flat rate UK only or worldwide? Can’t be worldwide, (I don’t think), it’s too cheap!

    Personally, I’m now looking, very early on, at the possible delivery costs, before even looking through all the products, and if the information isn’t there, or isn’t clear, I’ll just go to the next possible vendor! And that is a possible sale LOST for ever!

    I doubt I’m the only person in the world who feels this way, so how many other sales have some of you possibly missed out on?

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    Delivery info is something I've really gotta sort out on my site, even though its only a temporary one at the moment.
    Sarah x

    Muddle Website
    Muddle's Facebook Page


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      Nice stuff there, Muddle!
      I like the shopping BAG, have never noticed that before, so much more appropriate for small items, than a cart or trolley!
      I appreciate it's only a temporary site, but could you not move the spiel about ordering only by email or phone to the top? Many won't scroll down and read the small print, and would be disappointed when they can't order online, and possibly just move on to next vendor! (I probably would!)


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        Thanks, it is a bit of mess right now, I've left that info at the bottom because you can order online, but if people prefer they can just email me or phone their order.

        When the site it done, it will look a lot better, just waiting for my web designer to finish it and by that I mean my BF.
        Sarah x

        Muddle Website
        Muddle's Facebook Page


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          Just noticed what you were talking about, I've forgotten to remove the 'online ordering will be available soon' bit

          Thanks for telling me that.

          I'll remove that now.
          Sarah x

          Muddle Website
          Muddle's Facebook Page


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            It's realy interesting to hear your opinion as an overseas customer as overseas P&P is something we've found a complete nightmare to price up and I know our solution is far from ideal but the best we could think of.

            We offer shipping worldwide (with some exceptions including countries well known for ****ming) and we simply weren't able to make the P&P an easy understandable thing for overseas. There are some punches that sell for £9.50 but would cost £11 to send to Australia whereas other items are very light and a customer can order £40 of stuff with the shipping only costing £2.50 - trying to set a flat rate with this in mind is near impossible, I've tried.

            Trying to cover our bums (in the instance of the heavy punches) and also trying to be fair to the customers we charge the actual postage cost from the Post Office. Unfortunately it does mean either a customer has to contact us first and pay through Paypal or pay a hefty P&P charge that our system will automatically apply and then be refunded the difference manually by me once the weight has been calculated. Our shop software can calculate the weight (and shipping cost) of an order if the weight of every single item is inputted onto our database but with over 2000 products it's something I can't even begin to tackle

            I know how frustrating it is having to contact the shop to enquire about P&P but it seems to be the fairest option available to us. Also, have to hold my hand up and admit we don't shout about shipping overseas, you'd certainly need to hunt around our site to find that info out.

            Hmmm lots to think about for when our website gets revamped next month
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              Good point about overseas postage. I think I'll have a computer evening tonight (whilst watching Holby) and sort mine out.

              Thanks for pointing it out.

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                Hands up guilty as charged.

                I have never thought about people from other countries looking at my site!
                Im totally oblivious to anyone outside the UK!

                Im going to look into oversees prices now.

                Anyone have any idea how to work it out?!

                Av xx
                Sprinkles Sparkles


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                  i do fully understand the dfficulties, especially for a site such as yours, where the weight will vary so much.
                  I would think that many people will generally know whether something is going to be light or heavy, although not to the exact gramme of course.

                  Maybe marking the heavy items only as a warning, might be an idea.
                  Certainly putting on aGUIDE to postage costs, with pricing bands per weight, as charged by the Post office,would give the potential customer an approximate idea of what to expect.
                  It would also be useful to know the likely appx weight of the packaging as that could well also affect the final costs


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                    "Hands up guilty as charged. "

                    Not accusing anyone!!
                    trying to help really, cos , unless I'm totally weird,and the only person in the whole world concerned about postage, lack of clear information,or none at all could well = lost sale!


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                      Great advice. I will make sure mine is changed too.




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                        Little snuggler

                        yep, probs there too Helen
                        had looked at your site, nice stuff btw, but my kids are all past that age, so didnt delve into P&P!
                        You show a + £xxx for P&P, which must be UK only, but mention acceping cheques from Uk buyers only,whichimplies you'll sell abroad, so a customer could be forgiven for thinking the shown P&P is for everywhere.

                        BTW have you thought of making/offering adult snugglers, cos wrapping a blanket around always leaves a draught or two, and i have thought a few times how nice it would be to have somethinglike that on coldwinter evenings (no central heating!)


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                          Natty netty

                          have just had a better look at your site

                          " Postage and Packing outside the UK but within Europe shows as a standard charge of £8.50 which will be automatically added to your order. However once the actual postage has been calculated you will receive a refund through Paypal for any over-payment you have made up to a maximum of £6.00. " etc for other countries

                          You mentioned earlier that you CANT do a flat rate, but the above implies to me that the overseas charges are a MAXIMUM. Is that correct?

                          If not and the payment can also be amended upwards, then the info needs to reflect that.
                          If it IS a maximum, may I suggest you change the P&P box on the right of screens to show Europe max.., Usa/Canada Max pp, etc, and then see our T&Cs for full details.


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                            Re the overseas postage, to be honest, I would find it impossible to quote an accurate price, prior to knowing exactly what someone wanted.
                            I do quote a price on eBay but, in reality, it is over the odds (just to cover myself) and I do believe that quoting this price may actually be prohibitive, hence I've removed it from some listings.

                            Personally, I'm quite happy to contact overseas suppliers about their shipping costs (I do this on a frequent basis) & on some occasions it has actually saved me some money as they were able to base their costing on my precise order. Likewise, when overseas eBay customers contact me I can give an accurate cost, which is normally lower than the 'standard' amount I've quoted.

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                              I've been looking on the Royal Mail Webby, and found what i've been looking for!

                              Im going to weigh my jewellery and find an average weight.

                              Then find out the average cost to send to Europe, then the rest of the world.
                              Add my packaging ontop, then hope for the best!

                              Eeek, i find this kind of thing very hard!

                              Av xx
                              Sprinkles Sparkles