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    Hi All,

    I have sold my body and soul to produce this website, and feel like the past three months have been lost to resizing endless images...but....i am finally happy with my site and would love to hear what you think of it.

    I am using Google analytics and am attracting a lot of traffic from the USA and Germany. Thus far i have not made any international sales, which seems at odds with the sales conversion rate i get on domestic sales.

    Is this normal? Does anyone have any experience with selling internationally independently (rather than through a site like Etsy?)

    Many Thanks,


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    Just had a look at your site Kerry and I think all your hard work (and hopefully not too intense body or soul selling) has paid off

    I'm not normally a fan of black backgrounds, but then again I do like black and shades of brown together so I'm kind of converted by your site. And I do love how the left hand headings not only change colour but pop out when you select them. And how each page wipes gently when you open it, I like the movement in it overall, classy and not overdone

    But I know diddly squat about selling very much, nationally let alone internationally so I'm not your woman on that score!

    ....but I would SO SO SO love to take that walk to meet the alpacas!

    Shaz x
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    & Rossendale Ramblings!

    Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!


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      Black Backgrounds

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Regarding the black background, i too used to be very unsure about them. I was trying to show portray richness and depth of colour, and found that white tended to wash the natural browns and fawns out. I must admit i got a little obsessed with the design, and have only recently remembered how much i have to sell to justify it!

      Good to know that the blood, sweat and tears aren't vain.



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        Lovely site.
        Your customers probably don't know if you accept international orders.
        I sometimes get weird hits on my site from unwanted sites which I think is due to my site being hosted with so many others. Check if this is the case with yours.

        Your hard work will definitely pay off.


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          Love the site.
          Your clothes are just fabby . Your on my list of favs so want a cardi but it will have to wait till I get some pennies.....

          Cant help with the site traffic problem . Would it help if you had a money conversion table for international buyers and a price list for posting ?

          Cheers Janice

          P.S Your alpacas are brill and I'M with F.O.L would love to meet them.


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            The exchange rate has a lot to do with not having any U.S. orders. Remember the price you have on your items doubles to meet the U.S.$. So if it's £60 it will be $120 give or take a bit. Its good if you are buying from the U.S. but it's not to good if someone from the U.S. wants to buy here. Do love your site and love your work......Good luck
            Shabby Neesey


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              Its a great site easy to use and great images ! I'm in the process of doung a new one so I know how much hard work it is - just one thing and it might be AOL ( which is notorious for this ) but some of the words are coming up a bit jumbly when the page loads
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                thank you

                Thanks so much for your responses.

                I am changing the intro. words today to make it clear that i post internationally- i seem to be getting lots form Germany and Norway too (i guess they're countries typically associated with strong knitting communities). I am going to hyperlink across to the shipping costs table from here.

                I am slightly concerned by this 'jumbly word' thing. I can't explain why this would be happening, but have got straight into investigating the problem.

                Selling alpaca crafts is easy because the animals themselves do most of the selling. With such lovely looking animals and such wonderful fibre...i would be struggling to go wrong.


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                  Thats a stunning site, love the way the page changes as you click a pic.

                  You see so many postings in forums asking for a review of a site and they are usually awful.

                  That's a beauty, and my mrs loves alpaca wool too so fingers crossed!


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                    overseas visitors

                    Lovely site, like the colours a lot.

                    As for your overseas visitors, those stats can be a bit misleading, it doesn't necessarily mean your visitors are from those countries it can depend on who their internet service provider is.
                    I look after the website and stats for the site for my day job and we get loads of visitors from the states, but I'm reliably informed by our techies that it's to do with were the service provider is based.

                    Hope that helps



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                      Your site is beautiful. Definatly alot of hard work has gone into your site.
                      Well done

                      I have a pair of alpaca slippers that his lordship (best mate) bought me a few years back.
                      I have NEVER EVER had a pair of slippers that felt so comfortable!

                      Good luck with everything, sorry cant help with the international sales bit, but i wish you luck!

                      Av xx
                      Sprinkles Sparkles


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                        RE: Overseas visitors

                        Thanks Janey, I love your site too; very tranquil.

                        It is a very good point about the hosting location as oposed to the visitors actual area. Would this be why I seem to be getting so many hits from California? I hope not because it is a good excuse to go out there on a marketing drive!