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  • review site and get a reward

    Could you please visit my web site at:

    and answer the following questions? You can answer yes/no to each question.

    You can copy and paste the questions into your reply or just number them. Feel free to answer more then yes/no if you want to.

    1 Did you look at each page of the product sections?

    2 Would you buy from the web site?

    3 Was there anything that you wanted?

    4 Did you like the layout of the site?

    5 Was it easy to navigate?

    6 Would you bookmark the site?

    7 Would you return to the site?

    8 Is there anything that you would like to buy, that can be added to the site?

    Many, many thanks, to all who answer the questions. If you order from the site then let me know that you have replied to the questions and I will add a free peeloff to your order.
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