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  • What do you think...... Please


    My website has been live for quite a few months now. I thought it looked very good and I think my cards are very nice.

    But I haven't had any interest in them, I know I have a bit of a problem with trying to get my page a bit nearer the top of search pages. This is not an area I am familiar with.

    I was wondering what you think, I can't post it here as I haven't made enough posts yet but:

    it is on my profile page or google ellieshells

    All comments welcome, thanks very much

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    Just had a quick look at your site and it looks good - not really up on the web optimisation thing - Mr M would be the best person to advise on that.

    You can put your site into your signature, best thing I can say is get your web address onto as many different things as possible, forums, blogs whatever and make sure you have good quality links (try and get them as closely related to what you do as possible).

    That's about all I know but hope it is of some use.



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      The only obvious thing I spotted is your home-page is called "welcome"

      When google does a search the first thing it looks at are page-names, therefore your home page would only appear if somebody typed in "welcome" as the search.

      It then "reads" the page line by line, so the next thing it reads on your page is "Ellieshell's handmade", which again is very specific. If however, the first line on your website was Handmade Cards by Ellishell, that would make a bit of difference.


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        Thanks JBJB, hadn't thought of it like that, makes perfect sense. Will change it and see what happens. Cheers


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          I really like the site nice colours, layout etc.

          The obvious has already been mentioned with the toolbar header. Try to make your pictures look as good as possible. Most look great but a couple could do with lightening up a bit.

          Make sure your name is getting out there blogs, directories etc im sure your sales will come as your designs are fab
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            I can't find it !
            Kept getting some sort of error message.
            Can someone post the link so I can have a peak please?
            website blog


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              thank you all for your comments and help

              i was just wondering where would i find these different places to get listed?

              have made the changes as advised, will have a look a photos when i have a bit more time.


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                Hi Rosemary

                I can't post the link as it won't let me, sorry just looked my self - if you google ellieshell (without the 's').

                Its about half way down.
                Thanks for looking


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                  worked alright for me

                  nice cards, but might be better photographed without the cellophane wrapper.

                  On your home page

                  With all these cards being handmade, there will always be slight descrepancies between cards of the same design.

                  Discrepancies is spelt incorrectly, but I would suggest changing it to variations( or whatever you prefer), as discrepancy has a negative connotation.

                  there are a couple of other spelling mistakes, which it would be wise to rectify, as it doesn't give a very professional impression

                  sorry if this al sounds negative.Just trying to be helpful!
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                    Thanks 'Ilovecrafts' - value any comments, good or bad. Thank you, see what you mean about the word discrepancies, have changed it to variations.

                    I cannot find a spell checker on my website designer and I am usually pretty good at spelling, will go through it and check.

                    I also did wonder about the cello bags, but thought it would show the finished product. However, I don't suppose that is what the customer wants to see really.

                    Cheers, much appreciated advice.


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                      you could always copy/paste into Word and spellcheck there, but beware it doesn't put it into US english, unless that's what you want of course


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                        Hi JBJB - hope you are there.

                        I have done what you advised as I thought it was a good idea but on search listings it is still showing as Welcome, even though I have changed the title and name of the page?

                        Would you know what is wrong by any chance???


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                          Originally posted by ellieshell View Post
                          Hi JBJB - hope you are there.

                          I have done what you advised as I thought it was a good idea but on search listings it is still showing as Welcome, even though I have changed the title and name of the page?

                          Would you know what is wrong by any chance???

                          It can take anywhere up to 10 days for any changes you make to your website to be found by google.

                          On any website it brings up in a google search, if you click on the link that says "cached" it will show you how it found the page and what date it retrieved that information.

                          for example :

                          If you do a search for "personalised bunting" about half-way down is my website listed. Click on the "cached" link (next to where it says similar pages) it then shows you why it picked my page under those search term conditions and when it retrieved it.

                          Before you start thinking, "hey, I can put in sneaky invisible search terms on my webpage" or just type "bunting" hundreds of times" Google will pick up that and will move you down their pages.

                          You can however add as many search terms to your meta-tag label within your web-building package. Meta-tags are just like what ebay uses when you type in a search term. It looks at how many auctions have the term you've just typed in them.

                          Hope all that makes sense, I'm not the world's greatest explainer!
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