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  • I'm trying to improve my website

    I'm trying to improve my website, some work has been done on it this weekend but I would really value your expert opinions as I am still sure there could be lots of things to improve it.


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    I'd love to help, but your web address has two of the words that will send a sane man running for his life!


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      Originally posted by Beadsage View Post
      I'd love to help, but your web address has two of the words that will send a sane man running for his life!

      Luckily they didn't send my man running
      Off to take a peek .... >> - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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        Right... I like it a lot Really easy to find stuff/look at enlarged images etc. Some images took a while to upload, but that may be my connection?

        Here are a few suggestions on how you could improve it ...
        ~ I LOVE the header text for 'brides & babies', but the image on the top left just doesn't go. I would be tempted to find a product with simialr colours to the text to make it fit better.
        ~ Add a gallery or similar to your stationary section so people can see more examples/close ups. Then they will be contacting you by the hundreds - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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          Sorry Beadsage,I hope you are over your shock!!!!

          Thanks Sam I will get my web guy to add that for me. I'm not any good at web sites!!! The cards are a new addition so it was a bit trial and error on displaying them.


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            I think your site looks great! Easy to navigate and well set out.

            I definitely agree with the gallery idea, it's always nice to see past work, etc

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              Lovely site Penny - very clean.
              I agree with the gallery option.

              My observations:
              • ITA with incywincy about the image to the left hand side of the page.
              • Enlarging the photos obviously overlaps each other - unless you press the Esc button on your computer.


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                I think it looks good!

                Only one comment - stationary is when you are standing still. Stationery is what you send in an envelope!!


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                  I just tried buying both of these products and you only charged me for shipping and handling... it sub-totaled to zero... 3.99 for postage...

                  Bear in a Boat

                  Butterfly Bear

                  Oh wait... I see now... you have to go through two steps... the first step is to choose the product and then choose the design that gets fitted on the product... if it helps... that wasn't glaringly obvious... the nature of your paypal setup will never enable you to see how many people are confused by the process in your statistics... it would worry me in the long run...
                  Last edited by James; 28-02-2008, 03:34 PM.
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                    I will definately get my web guy to alter my site especially the spelling!!!! I hadn't noticed that. I should ask for discount on his work as he can't spell!!!!
                    Thanks for your comments James I will pass them on to him too, just a shame your order wasn't for real. Oh well lets hope all the improvements bring more sales.




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                      I really like your website. I esp like the little dark pink hearts that appear on the buttons when you click them... and I love the way your pics enlarge. The background colours & header is great.

                      I agree with the comments about stationery page.. I would add some more detailed pics. I bet you would get alot more interest.
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