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    take a look at my site now that i have added loads more cards and jewellery, i added the jewellery about 3 weeks ago and already it is selling better than the cards...its the best thing i ever did. I often wondered wheather to put different products on the same site - but its worked for me!
    getting higher up those google searches too...a few orders came in this weekend!!! woo hoo!

    let me know your thoughts!


    Funky jewellery & Luxury handmade greetings cards

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    Hi - nice site, eyecatching, easy to navigate, nice photos, its great, well done.
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      nice site, nice stuff. wel done


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        Your site looks great Rach - it is really easy to navigate and that counts for so much, your items are lovely and I especially like your descriptions of them too

        Keep up the brilliant work!
        Shaz x

        Keepsake Kollections
        & Rossendale Ramblings!

        Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!


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          Originally posted by Moon Stag
          It's a really nice clean site. What software is it?

          One thing I did encounter was that you aren't conforming to Distance Selling Regulations in your terms. It's not just you, of course, I've only been here a short while and a number of craft sales sites seem to be missing this info.
          Most of us do the returns thing as a matter of ethics. You will find the majority of beadworkers offer 14 days or more, with a free repair service should anything go wrong. If I may make a small comment on your site, it's difficult to see your work through the website paraphernalia...........nothing actually says 'I'm Here!' It's easy to make the mistake of giving so much information about what you do that what you do is lost.


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            Thanks for the feedback moon stag...i never realised how much there is to do with selling online...i will start reading up on it i think and find the appropriate, legal documents to have on my site!

            thanks again

            Funky jewellery & Luxury handmade greetings cards