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The Gift Palace - I'd appreciate any opinions

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  • greannancrafts
    Quite a few member responded the same as Mizgeorge on you other same thread last week?

    Complying with DSR is compulsory

    Good luck

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  • mizgeorge
    Hi Graeme,
    It still all looks very pretty.

    I think I'd prefer to see consistent photography - at least in terms of background, but it's not a big deal and perhaps emphasises the multiple seller side of things.

    It would be helpful to see some subcategories under the top level headings - if I were looking for, say, a soap, I wouldn't want to have to trawl through several pages to find one mixed in with all sorts of other products. I couldn't find a search facility either.

    I still can't find a geographic address, and I have to say I prefer to see a telephone number as well. Makes me feel I can easily get in touch if I have a problem. The returns policy isn't transparent - not least in the statement that "returns will be investigated". Under DSRs, customers have the right to return most products, and need to have clear information on how to do so displayed on the website. I don't know how this works with dropshippers, but it certainly needs to be a lot clearer than it is. Under DSRs, postage costs have to be refunded, and since you specify that prices are p&p inclusive, I'm not sure how you'd manage to separate these out anyway.

    The about us page is (sorry!) utter twaddle, and certainly doesn't inspire me to buy - I'd much rather read a story about a real person or people. Same goes for the individual sellers. I have to say, I'm also curious about where the UK's favourite... strapline comes from. Not exactly easy to substantiate surely?

    Hope it's all going well.

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  • TheGiftPalace
    started a topic The Gift Palace - I'd appreciate any opinions

    The Gift Palace - I'd appreciate any opinions

    Hey all,

    We have been set up for a number of week's now.

    The main pages on the site are complete with a couple of tweaks here and there, we have further products to add to bulk the site out but would like some neutral feedback on our site in general.

    Mod edit. Please read rules on feed back reqests with less than 25 posts.

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