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  • Uploading photos to my website

    I expect this is one for Mr M ... but I'll put the question out there as some of you may have experience with this feature.

    I want customers to be able to upload images to my site. For 2 reasons :

    a) I'd like to have a gallery of my stuff that people have photographed eg, some of my bunting in their daughter's bedroom, etc

    b) I want to start producing personalised items using the customer's own images.

    The web-building package I use has these applications ...

    Do any of these do what I want?
    Blog Website Flickr

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    I would be wary of anyone being able to post will have no control over what they post till it's to late. why not ask them to send them to your email giving you permision to post them.
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      Its a big security no no..

      You need some major programming to stop people bringing down your site..

      Email is the best and cheapest solution ..

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        Fair enough
        Blog Website Flickr


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          oh oh, can you imagine what some of those nasty sites could do to your site!!

          Glad you've changed your mind.

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            You could get them to open a photobucket account or something, get them to upload the pics there and you could serve them from there
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              You want to build an html form... with an upload button... but as everyone has said... you have to have something on the server verify that it is indeed an image which was uploaded... php is a popular server side script and it can be used to verify image uploads... you just have to make sure that your allowing people to upload .jpg, .gif or .pngs only... otherwise they can upload programs that they can run on your server to mess things up...

              That being said... they can still send you nasty things in your email... email is the better route to take until it becomes an organizational problem... unless your getting quite a few orders daily... stick with email...
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