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    Hello All,

    I make Handmade Bracelets, I have been doing this for about two years now.

    I have recently set up my own website and I would love to know what people think of it -

    Thanks x

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    First of all your site looks very nice, I especially like your banner and the links at the top.

    If I was to nit-pick, I'd say that I am confused about the opening hours - if you are an online shop then I don't think this is needed.

    Also, I think your product photos could sell your lovely bracelets more - i.e. use a very plain back ground (i.e. white) and better lighting.

    I hope you don't mind me picking at things...but I thought it would be better for me to give you some constructive feedback rather than just all positive stuff. Overall your site looks great x


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      Hi Emily....I'm afraid your site isn't legal. You need to display a geographical address...a town and county isn't enough I'm afraid. Search for the Distance Selling Regulations which will explain all of the information that you are required by law to display...such as a returns policy and Terms & Conditions.
      I would also agree that photographing your jewellery on a more neutral plain background will help show them off....don't forget it's the images that will sell your product.
      Personally I'd rename your 'products' on your menu and call it your shop...
      You really need your name on your banner.....I don't really know what site I am visiting if I stumbled across it.
      Agree that you don't need opening times unless you have a physical shop.
      A good start though.... The jewellery market is seriously saturated, but your pieces are really unusual, so best of luck! xx
      Sarah x

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        Website is okay but I'm confused as to why your logo is the CND/peace logo. Here in Britain the peace symbol is taken more to stand for CND so I would see you as making a political statement and may avoid you for that reason.

        I have seen others selling similar bracelets but I'm particularly concerned about the ones with spikes on. Have you got product liability insurance? What if someone falls down and gets one of those spikes in them?


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          Hi Emily,

          I agree with everything that has been said above, but I just wanted to say that I love its feel and overall design. There are so many awful website designs out there but yours is clean, fresh and professional looking. Just see to the things that have been mentioned above and it will be super.

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            Hi Emily... had a look at your site and I really like your products page, I would agree and call it shop so customers know where to go.
            Your site opens quickly and photos load quickly and that is what customers look for, a slow site really puts people off.
            I like your pics and I would choose one background for them all, just to give your lovely products a professional image.
            I love the sand background - it could be a rug, it looks like sand and that image gives a fun feel.

            Your home page could do with being a bit more eye catching, maybe a bigger font, remember it is the page everyone sees first. I like your pic of your stall, maybe crop it more so less of the background is showing and that will make you and your wares more prominent.

            A great little site so hope you are happy overall and these changes are small so well done on all the work you have done x
            Mummy, Crafter and Owner of Craft & Card making supplies website


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              Nice and clean site. I would agree with most on the forum. One thing i would avoid is putting your email contact address on the web page as this will attract spam, i would stick with the contact form.
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                Do you want to be homespud and a bit hobby or a professional business? If the former keep the pic of you and your stall, if the latter remove it


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                  It's a really nice, simple-to-use and easy-on-the-eye website - I like it.

                  You do need to add a physical address on there for legal reasons (and it increases customer confidence too). It's unlikely you'd get anyone turning up on spec (although it happened to me once - twice if you count my next-door-but-two neighbour who thought it seemed a bit daft to order online) but if that thought worries you, describe it as a "correspondence address". I think you probably need a phone number too.

                  Because you've called it "Handmade by Emily" and it's very clear that it's your own website, I'd change your references to "we" and "us" to "I" and "me" - just to make it flow better.

                  You would be better with a plain background for your images, too. Really good close-ups might help to show people exactly what your bracelets are like - good product shots are a big part of getting online sales.

                  Good luck!!
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