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  • Can you view Flash?

    Hi all,
    I previously had a completely Flash website which some people had difficulty in viewing (obviously - I know that now!), and so I have bought a Mr Site Pro, which I am really pleased with but it also uses flash components - you have to click on a thumbnail to see the larger image and it looks to me that it opens up in flash. Could anyone please have a look (particularly if you know you don't have flash) and see if you have any problems viewing my images on the 'Buy Art', 'Buy Framed Art' and 'Choose Your Design' pages.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    I've just taken a look at your site. It is fab!

    I am also a Mr. Site (not pro) user.

    The photos open fine for me! I have used Safari and Firefox and both work ok. Not sure about internet explorer as i can't get this on Mac.

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      Love the site! Had no problems moving around and it was easy to navagate. Good luck
      Shabby Neesey


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        I used internet explorer and I had no problems with the picutres at all. Your site is great.



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          Thanks all for your replies, really appreciate you taking the time, and your comments

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            The picture open using a javascript called lightbox which uses NO FLASH..

            Lightbox is great because if you can see the image open in the forground your be able to see it on its own page for people blocking javascript so it covers all bases...

            Looks good and works well.. Congrats..

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              Thats great news, thanks so much. It looks flash-like so I just assumed it was flash.. thanks again for your help.
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