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  • Advise on website please.

    Hi everyone
    I hope its ok to post this here. I am currently trying to make my website as user friendly as possible (although I am using 1 and 1 as a provider so it is a bit limiting) I would really appreciate any feedback on its ease of use and design from crafters.
    Anything from speed, layout, picture quality, information, anything at all.
    If you do have a minute to look at it ANY feedback is appreciated good and bad as I really want people to feel get as much info as possible on our items and want to improve it.
    Thanks for your time.

    Art with Nature

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    What a lovely site. There is so much to see. The only thing that I think detracts from the site is the jumble of headings at the top of the page. A drop down menu would leave it less cluttered and bring the content higher up.
    Your pictures are great and very consistent in style.
    Looking forward to looking around more!
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      Thanks for that thats great to hear. I completely agree with the tabs at the top, unfortunately this is a quirk with one and one but I will definately look into it. Thanks for takin the time it is much appreciated.
      Art with Nature


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        Agree with the OP about clutter at the top.

        You have random Capitalisation for No Apparent Purpose, which - on Me at least - grates somewhat, so I would be inclined to Go Elsewhere unless I thought you might have Something which No-one Else stocks.

        I'll also add that no-one should have 'Distributers' - only 'Distributors'.

        You need to be clearer on postage charges - no use just saying Postage and packaging costs will be automatically added to your shopping basket at checkout.

        That tells me, the prospective customer who is wondering about whether to buy some unwashed black Jacob fleece, precisely zilch about my total spend.

        Is your p&p going to be affordable? I have no idea! So I'd prefer to go somewhere which tells me the p&p rates upfront, and charges even a little more for an equivalent raw wool.
        Also - more pictures or less! Just not generic irrelevant ones with 'awaiting photo' printed over them...

        ETA - Payment - how? Which method? Security in place? There is certainly no clear access to this absolutely vital information, even if it is somewhere on the site. i don't want to go all the way through the shopping process only to find I am expected to give my card details to ''. You need to have a clearly and easily recognised, identifiable secure form of payment
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          Thank you Eena, I shall take all that on board and can see exactly where you are coming from. Its excellent to get the crafters experience and to be getting so many ways on improving the site. Thank you. Amanda
          Art with Nature


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            Its a great start - and yes those things at the top are distracting - but worse, for me, is the 'styling' of each one with the white around each button when you highlight it - it looks scribbly to me - maybe if they were different they wouldn't be so out of place. They also drown out your header - be loud and proud of your name (at least the equivalent size of all your buttons)

            You have a nice logo - but I had to use my magnifier button on my mouse to see it. There are lots of lovely things on your site - and the pictures of your items for sale are really clear and simple.

            Some of your pages are laid out really well with the text, but I tend to find too much text centering makes it difficult to read. However, I really like the Newmoor Arts section. Its clear, simple and easy to read.

            Overall its a lovely site, well done for creating one AND for asking for people's opinions (I'm still tweaking mine till I'm happy before I ask anyone else) - one last tip - check out the spellings (or ask a friend to do so) I know how easy it is to think you've typed one word only to find your computer's done something strange and mispelt words (mine likes to mysteriously jump to other sections of text so I get a word in the middle of a word )

            Hope that helps
            Lucy Blossom
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              Thanks Lucy, great feedback, I shall go through the site with a fine tooth comb. Thank you for taking the time to look through it is really appreciated.

              Art with Nature


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                Just a little nit pick here!
                Could you not make all the text bold? I would only use bold when I'm wanting some particular text to stand out from the others.
                I know you probably can't edit your website much, but maybe make the photos larger and set the text to the left, it just adds to professionalism.

                Lastly, add all the 'about us', 'contact', 'links' and 'blog' information to the bottom of the website, to stop the clutter at the top.

                Hope this helped!
                Yumyum Beads



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                  Thanks Yelby, very useful and an excellent way of decluttering the top tabs. Thank you.
                  Art with Nature


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                    I don't have any advice - just want to say I was very happy trawling around your website - never knew goats were so amazing - just beautiful products!
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                      Thanks Nancy, Our goats are indeed amazing.
                      Art with Nature