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please review my website

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  • please review my website

    please review my website? thanks (please be brutal)

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    Hi Andrew,

    I've just had a brief glimspe and layout wise the site looks good. Clean, easy to use & professional.

    2 'improvements' that I think could be done are;

    1. Get rid of the pale grey text on white background - make it a much darker grey. I have pretty good eyesight but struggled to read some words, people who are partially sighted or have other vision problems might really struggle to use your site at all.

    2. Change your yahoo basded email address for a domain based one. As a Ltd, VAT registered company, I'm sure you must have a domain based email attached to your webhosting. Even if you forward it to a yahoo account, having a '[email protected] ' looks a lot more professional than a yahoo, hotmail etc email.

    I have a domain based email, that's just forwarded straight to a Gmail account, but at least it means that on my site, business cards & ads I can put my own domain email.


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      Oh, one more thing, you don't have a link to 'shop' anywhere except for the categories on the homepage. If you navigate away from home, there's no way to get back to the shop categories, without going back to 'home' again, which isn't the most obvious way of navigating.
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        Hi Claire, thanks loads for feedback, i will get to work on that asap, i did think i needed to sort a email but am with ekm and have heard on there forum people are having problems, will defo need to have a link back to the categorys and didnt even realise it my self sometimes the fresh eye approach is always best


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          Hi Andrew.
          Here goes - firstly I like the website - clean to look at. I agree with the comment about the colour of the text. If you screw up your eyes and look at the screen and all the colours blend into one, then you need to use a darker colour. (It applies to craft work too!)

          The changing graphics on the home page are great but move too quickly as there are three to be read and some of the 'quotes' are quite long. Good photos though.

          Ref the individual categories - any chance you could have the graphic enlarge when you put the cursor over the picture. It is a bind having to go to each separate product to read it and then click again to go back if it is not what you want.

          On the 'About Us' page - "UK" should be in all caps and "theres" should read "there's".

          Are the "Application Instructions" the same as "Installation Instructions". It is good practice to keep headers on tabs the same as the title of the document. You also have an un-necessary 'full stop' before the words in the page title Installation Instructions. Could you pdf these and have a download on the page? At the top preferably and providing a link to download Adobe Acrobat is also common and good practice.

          On your Home Page, you have a thick black line above the Secure Online Shopping info. This provides a really good 'visual split' on the page. This is missing from all the other pages.

          Lastly, all the text on the site is justified to the left except on the 'About Us' page.

          OK I am done. Hope this helps a little. By the way, love the Electric Guitar -perfect for my son's birthday present next July.


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            Very clean and clear but! just a few points:

            1. Your address on your T & C, hard to find and all in lower case, could this be in bold.
            2. Having to login to order, if a retail site you may find customers would prefer to click and buy, sometimes I set up a login but if in a hurry will walk away.
            3. I found the white on black bar for the header a bit hard to read, okay my eyes are not good but felt a bit harsh.

            Love your 'Sisters make the best friends' . Otherwise good luck with your new venture


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              Love the site and your products - clean, crisp and professional

              I personally do not like the fact that I have to open an account to order - only yesterday I emptied my shopping cart on a site after spending an age filling it, I have enough usernames and passwords to remember and do not want to have to have any more:-(

              Well done - I do know how much time these sites take

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                The site is clean and clear and pleasant to visit, although when I first landed on the page I thought it was a bathroom company.

                Two of the categories appear to have exactly the same product lines and so I felt I had wasted time looking at both. There are so many to view and the pics are small so the description at the side of each is helpful...or would be if it wasn't truncated which meant I had to open each item anyway to be able see what the full quote says.

                I couldn't find your address details until I read Caroline's comments and she mentioned they were in T&C ...and even then I had to search for them. I would want to be able to locate that information easily and would expect to find that information clearly in the contact us section.

                I think it would be good if there was an option to buy without having to create an account...

                Really like some of the products and I am in the process of decorating bathrooms right now and might well have been tempted...but we are a soak-free home (shower only) and there was nothing shower related


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                  thanks for all your comments, its great to get some feedback and i think i will be implementing nearly all those changes, especialy the grammer im terrible at it . change one complete the checkout login gone i actualy had a potential customer phone me and ask if they could pay another way as they did not want to register, have also changed some of the grammer errors, now time to try and change the text colour for the template, if anyone wants to order there is a discount code on my fb page, also if you have an idea for a quote for your shower room let me know and i will design it for you

                  cheers again


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                    Hi Andrew, looks good nice and clean. Agree with previous comment change your Yahoo e-mail, we are with EKM and we use their e-mail not had any problems here. Also I would get a geographic number not a mobile send out a more professional persona inkeeping with your site. We have a geographic and a 0800 number I really can't stand 0845 and 0870 numbers. Hope that helps
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