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  • Would love a review of my site

    Hi Everyone

    I'd really appreciate some constructive reviews of my main website if you care to. Always interested in suggestions for improving the design of the site and also for new gift ideas to be included.

    Don't be shy, give me a try!

    Please let me know what you think. Many thanks,

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    Like your site. Think its a bit to busy and maybe has too much text, a bit overwhelming maybe?
    Lots of info but could maybe be a bit less busy?

    (Not sure how you could streamline it as im no expert but that was my 1st impression)

    Hope it helps!


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      I have to agree - too much text on front page - all I can see above te crease is your social media buttons and a lot of text.

      I would prefer to see pictures of your work to tempt me to find out more.

      Well done though - I do know how much work goes into these sites

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        i like it i agree its very busye

        id rather see pictures on the front page and be able to click on `them if i want to know more about it.

        i like the way you have reviews on the front page its reassurance to potential buyers that you are trust worthy and that your mugs are top quality.
        hpe this helps
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          Hi Les

          I'm afraid I have to agree - bit busy for me.
          I think we're all very lazy when on line and tend not to want to read all those words - usually you get attracted by the photo then if that grabs you you may read the words. Looks like there are probably some great products there but not so easy to spot!

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            Just a couple of tips I would make sure your information about delivery is more prominent , also I would look at using another payment option so the buyer has more options to pay by.

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              I agree with the above... It's far too busy! Too much going on. I would suggest a few larger photos and less text to tempt people in. Also I couldn't find a anything about your p&p charges....I like to know how much that is going to be before I start adding bits to my basket.
              Hth x

              Ok.....just found that your prices include p&p
              SHOUT About it on your home page...let customers know there's no added delivery costs xx
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                Hi Les,

                You know what, I love it! I really like all the content, shows that you have put the effort in and mean business! Initially I thought WOW! When I opened the website... but the reason for that is that it is different to a lot of the quite bland craft websites out there. After spending more and more time looking around I loved it more!


                I found the ordering process quite painful to the point where I gave up. I tried to purchase the 'Floral scrolls personalised mug' however to personalise it, it opened up another browser window (which I didn't like). Tried to find the mug in the list (but couldn't)...It would be so much better if the ordering process took you through the steps by not opening windows and making me have to think.

                The rest of the website is FAB, just didn't like how to order...which could be quite important

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                  Echoing everyone else, I think there is too much text on the homepage but it just needs some reorganisation (don't remove/reduce the text entirely from the website as the keywords will help your SEO, just distribute it amongst other pages).

                  Wishing you lots of success with your online sales!



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                    Many thanks for everyone who contributed their views to my site design. I shall certainly take these all on board and look to redesign the homepage, but shall need to give it some good thought as to exactly how to change for the best. Bit wary of removing too much text as that is a key element for search engines picking up keywords, but I also agree that people don't like to read too much text onscreen. Great food for thought, many thanks, and keep the comments coming in. Shall ask your opinions again when I've changed the layout!