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  • New Look for Website

    We just launched our new look for the website . Still at but looking very different and with new features.
    I'm all excited.
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    I like the new look, looks nice and clean.
    Noticed a tiny thing, metatags were forgotten in the new theme. Would recommending at least adding the description meta tag you used to have (<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Hand made custom, and ready to wear pearl jewellery.">), you could also ad a bit to it, 80-140 characters would be good. Google still uses the desc tag as description in search results, without it google will pick other text from the page to display and its often irrelevant and might discourage people to choose your site among other search results.
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      Thanks, it's stuff like that which we need to pick up over the next few days.


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        Be good to see some photos of the products on main page .
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          Nice and clean, but somehow I personally feel that there is something missing on the landing page. As Bejewelled2012 suggested some photos of products on the main page would go down well... Maybe a slider on the front page!

          You are on the right track.

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