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  • Honesty is the best

    Hi guys...

    Please can I have some honest feedback on my website.. I need people who are going to give me constructive critisism.. I am happy to be told anything as long as it's going to benefit my

    (Cannot post the link as haven't posted 25 posts.. but link is in my sig line..)

    Thankyou guys..
    Nikki x
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    I think the site looks nice... if you want to go into details you need to sort out your meta tags, the Title is too Generic, you don't have a description and only two Key words (this is on the home page). This is going to cause you problems in the search engines... you should also include a bit more text on the home page which mirrors your tags and says a bit more about what you sell..... finally the images I looked at were missing alt tags.

    Hope this helps
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      I'm not sure on the mix of colours (background), kinda made me feel dizzy! But it made me think of candy which is good!

      Personally I prefer websites that have a clearer layout & composition like all links at the top, left etc & the content/writing all in the middle/right etc so that you always know what to read & what not to. People browsing the internet have a verrry short attention span so things need to be concise.

      Another thing you should do is make your text high-lightable so that google can search it better to show viewers, things like this & LOADS of other little things make you higher in the rankings! (Portfolio & Shop)


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        OK, some observations from a non card maker.
        Home page
        I like the stripes, although they are a little bit distracting, could they be toned down just a touch? maybe a shade or two lighter.
        The buttons don't match the background colour but stand out well.
        The first line doesn't tell me what the Imagepac and imagebox are. I would like to see perhaps 'stamp making system' in that sentence.
        Also the only price you have on that page is £164 and I immediately thought ooh, that's expensive. I assumed the general stuff would be expensive.
        The imagepac page should have the price so you don't have to go back to the home page if you didn't notice it.
        Likewise the stamps page has no prices - even a basic from £x to £x would be helpful.
        The special offers page has some rather risqué stamps, which may put off some of the more straight laced buyers (like my mum) . Maybe you could put two other offers at the top and the a small warning before scrolling down to those two. Using a word like burlesque or life model so it won't be picked up by the wrong searches. I realise though that these would not be there all the time.
        Overall your site is clean, easy to navigate, with clear pictures and had all the info available.
        oh dear it sounds like I have a lot of criticisms but they are just small comments really.
        hope this helps


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          i think your websites looks good do you sell inkpads and other assesories to go with the stamps as i like to get things all on the same site so if not perhaps thats an option
          Jan xx


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            I think it's a really good start... Your navigation is simple and clear, to the point... I understand who you are and what you do immediately when I reach your page and everything is neat and tidy.

            The background may be a little too electric to have text over top of it and that may be the reason why you have chosen to use such heavy text to combat the background noise.

            The Logo is excellent and whoever did it it did an excellent job. I am worried about the lack of contrast on the text though... the green text on white background blend together with the drop shadow that it makes it kind of hard for me to see...

            I like the badges to your affiliates...

            Why did you choose to make the text images instead of using normal fonts? Did you know that search engines and language translators can't access them? It might not seem like much now... but people do occasionally translate pages from one language to the next...
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              I think everyone has said what i might say...but I'm no techno expert. i liked the colours but it did feel a little tooo hectic for me, the point is i could find my way around and understand what i was looking at, and i'm not a card maker..

              Good luck with it all.



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                I think the background is too bright and takes all the emphasis away from the pictures and things you are trying to sell, it also makes the text a little hard to read. Maybe if you tried more pastel shades.

                Your menu stands out well and it is an easy and clear site to use which is always good.

                I really love your logo but I do find the text a litle hard to read - maybe if you removed the shadow from the words that would make it clearer.

                Sorry to be picky but you did say honest!!.

                Hope that helps.
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                  I agree with what the other's said. I do like the site, it's very easy to navigate but the background could do with being toned down a bit - i find it really difficult to read the content because my eyes are constantly being drawn to the background.

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                    Yes - just to add to whats seems to be a common comment, I too found the background a tad difficult to live with!

                    It made me feel dizzy and it was a struggle to read the text etc.

                    I think if i really wanted something from the site, then it would not stop me, but if i was just browsing say, i think id skip off pretty quickly.

                    Hope it all goes well for you though.

                    All the best



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                      Hi Nikki

                      This is probably a very nice site, but unfortunately I couldn't stay around long enough to find out, because of the pink stripes!!

                      I suffer from frequent migraines, and trying to read text in front of vertical stripes would probably push me over the edge every time. I think it's probably the confusion to my eyes/balance...trying to read one way while the visual is making me look the other way. Is there any way - if you're dead set on keeping the stripes - that the text could be placed in plain boxes? The text itself was fine, comic sans is an excellent, easy-to-read font, and was big enough for those, like me, of a certain age, who need glasses for small print.
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                        Hi Nikki,
                        I agree with the above comments, if you focus more on the products you are aiming to sell, rather than having a fussy design, prospective customers would feel more encouraged to buy from you. Larger product images would be helpful too.
                        Chris W.
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                          Hi guys...

                          I would just like to say a HUGE thankyou for all your comments.. and yes I take them as that, not complaints in anyways..

                          I prefer honesty from people as without it I would never know what people REALLY want from a site..

                          I am going to be looking into all of the comments made over the next few days.. and sort out as many issues as possible..

                          I do everything on the website myself so it takes a little time, but I aim to get there..

                          The logo is my own idea.. and between myself and my other half we came up with how to put it all together.. so I am very pleased with it..

                          Regarding the background and text.. I will definately look into that as I want my site to be easy to sit and look at... and not something that people will skip over..

                          The Carl Torrosian nudes.. I also agree that I should maybe put a note on them regarding the nudity/risque issue..

                          Thankyou again for all your comments.. I really do appreciate the time taken out to have a look at the site..

                          Many thanks.
                          Nikki x
                          Behind all great men are suprised mother in laws.

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                            Hi again... I have made a change to the background on the home page but wondered if I could have some feedback on it before adding it to the rest of the pages..

                            Also.. I have changed the home page text to a web friendly font.. does it look better having this ????

                            Much appreciated.
                            Nikki x
                            Behind all great men are suprised mother in laws.

                   for clear stamps with a difference..


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                              Hi Nikki,

                              I hate being negative (!) but there's just something that's not working for me with that background, but I cant put my finger on it!

                              With your first background, it was easy to say it made you feel dizzy - this update solves that issue and does make the page easier to read, but....

                              Of course - taste etc is a very personal thing, so it may just be me!

                              Part of me is reminded of the sort of wall paper I might have seen in my Grandmothers house or something - so maybe thats it - has a kind of 'old' feel etc

                              I think id like to see it just as a plain background.

                              Of course - being a new crafter - I dont actualy know what it is your site is about, so maybe part of my (limited) brain is shutting down because of that!

                              Font looks ok though

                              Lets see what everyone else makes of it - fingers crossed im in the minority (as usual)

                              All the best