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How to display sales on website??

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  • How to display sales on website??

    I have just spent weeks ( !) putting together the following website - to sell my framed photography. It's a flash site, and have had to learn from scratch how to do it, so am not very clever at this stuff - I like the way the website opens, etc. but I am having real trouble working out a better way to display my catalogue of work. At the moment, you go on to the flash page ('find a picture') and you are then redirected to a html page for each section of my catalogue, which isn't ideal.. maybe I should have just stuck to a html site!! Any suggestions or comments please.. thanks.
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    Keep away from flash imho..

    Its look nice But if I switch flash off then nothing come up.. You not be listed on search engines with flash..

    If you wish to use it offer users the choice at the start...

    I strongly advise that you should only use elements of flash e.g. a slide show or for buttons...

    That site took about 15seconds to load here which is to long imho..

    I really like your work... But have a look at the big boys like amazon.. Amazon uses flash but only for show off selections (just like a slideshow)

    Good luck

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