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  • my new website

    hi, I have my own website for handmade greetings cards, i have worked very hard to make my card designs look as perfect as possible - I would love to know what you all think, your likes and dislikes, favourite designs etc...
    this site is a great idea for feedback...can wait to have a proper look round!

    thanks, look forward to hearing from you all.
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    I think your site is looking lovely. It's very bright and fresh looking and well laid out. Did you design it yourself? It does look very professional. You have photographed the cards well, the only thing I would say is that some of the thinner cards pics I would take out the black background so your white background theme is kept consistent. Other than a big thumbs up from me. Hope you do well!

    I'd love your feedback on my site if you have the time!



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      Just had a look at your site. You have done well, it's fresh looking, easy to naigate and your pictures are clean and crisp.

      I hope you don't take the following as a critisism of your work as it's not meant that way but there are alot of people selling cards which makes it a very competitive market, i personally feel that your prices are at the top end of the scale but if you can sell them for that then i take my hat off to you.

      Hope you do well with your new site.
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        Thanks for your thoughts guys, its really useful to know what people think, as i am so used to hearing biased friends and family!
        Its always diffficult costing cards...still at the very beginning of the project and they seem to be selling ok, so fingers crossed it continues.
        just finished my x-mas collection and wedding cards and cant wait to get them shot and uploaded!
        thanks again x
        Funky jewellery & Luxury handmade greetings cards