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Honest review of my website please!

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  • Honest review of my website please!

    Hi all,

    As a newbie to both these boards and my jewellery business, I (and when I say 'I', I really mean 'my very patient fiance'!) have just got my website into a state with which I am happy.

    It doesn't contain all my products yet, some of the descriptions aren't complete, and the 'search' facility is a little basic, however I would very much appreciate any feedback on the look and feel/ease of navigation of my website, and any suggestions for improvement and/or glaring problems.

    My web address is in my sig as I haven't posted enough yet to post a link!

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    Very sleek.
    I like the 'stylish jewellery that whispers, not shouts' bit.

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      It is a beautiful looking site and your work is lovely, but its a little offputitng that the text doesn't fit to the layout and overlaps the edges etc, just takes away the professionalism (?spelling!) in my opinion, but once that is sorted will look great. Also love the slogan jewellery that whispers, not shouts too. Has an elegant feel.
      Jo x

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        I like your jewellery, its really lovely, but I would like to see the pictures a bit bigger to be honest.

        I think it would also look that little bit better if you added another colour to the silver/grey you have there already - it kind of takes away the beauty of your jewellery as it all blends in - colour wise.

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          I agree beautiful site but your jewellery blends into the background a bit. I think the pictures need to be bigger too as people really like to have a good look at what they are buying over the web.

          Great work.


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            It renders differently between Internet Exploder and Mozilla Firefox. Firefox the text on the front page hangs over the edge, IE doesn't. Firefox, the logo on the front page goes over the picture of the ring, IE doesn't.

            Instead of having the top link say "Narah Jewellery", it would be better just to have "Home" - I clicked on it expecting a new page, but the same page just reloaded.

            The font on the "Products" page looks a bit dodgy on the headings for each section (just above each picture)

            The copyright bit doesn't appear at the bottom of the page - if you go to bangles, it appears in the middle of the listing. This is even more important on the pages with lots of text (e.g. sizing page), since it appears in the middle of writing, overwriting the main text.

            Jewellery sizing page in Firefox is all wrong - the text goes over the bottom of the white bit, so appears on the grey background. Table sizes are different from those in IE. The headings are also rendered differently between browsers, so they don't stand out in Firefox. This is the same for the Terms and Delivery page.

            Contact us page in IE puts the form way down the page, so it looks like the page is blank when it opens. Seems fine in Firefox though.

            If you are running this as a limited company, then you legally must include the company name, address, registration details (including company number), plus an email address to contact you on. This can be in addition to a contact us form, but must be there somewhere - I have a link to the page with company information on it at the bottom of the contact us form.

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              Thanks for the comments!

              Hi all,

              Thanks for all your comments, I have been busy making changes, so now the website should work perfectly in Firefox and things like the copywrite are free floating rather than fixed in the middle of the page.

              You can actually see large images of my jewellery by clicking on the pictures once you looking at an individual product, but I can see that I need to put a 'click to enlarge' there so people actually know that!

              Pauline I will definitely think about your idea of adding another colour to the website so that it doesn't all blend together (something mentioned by more than one person).

              Oh and Mr Swirl I'm only a sole trader, but I will look into the legal requirements for name/contact details etc.

              Once again thank you all for your views they have been so helpful, and also thanks for the lovely compliments
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                Lovely stuff!!


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                  Website review


                  I had a look at your site and thought the jewellery was lovely and the layout clean and professional! I hope you do really well.
                  All the best.
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                    great site, its hard to find good hand made jewellery. and it works well on mac so 5 Stars.



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                      Beautiful Jewellery, elegant site, well done


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                        Very classy. The overall image and feel of the site is super - it really appeals to my taste. Well done.

                        Regards, Carol
                        Regards, Carol



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                          Lovely website... easy to navigate and lots of beautiful products. Seems to be working fine in Firefox too. Hope you do really well with your website