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    Hello all,

    I have started my own website and would love to get some feedback.

    All items listed are handcrafted by me, all photos are mine and my hubby is the webmaster so it's a real family affair

    Have a look if you have the time.....MOD EDIT - PLEASE READ THE RULES RE POSTING URLs
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    Violet Fusion - A Fusion of Dreams, Desire & Design.

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    Some of the pictures are slow to load - particularly on the necklaces page, where they are quite large files.

    I wouldn't reveal how you price your products (in the news section) - something that just says "Due to an increase in the NMW legislation, our prices will be rising to accommodate these extra costs". Actually, I wouldn't mention it at all if it were me. I wouldn't have the details in the FAQ section either - it's nothing to do with the customer how you came up with the price, and it indicates that you don't really work out what your margin is / should be before doing the work.

    If you navigate to any of the pages, then you lose the sidebar - I'd either include it on all the pages, or not have one at all. It's a bit confusing from a navigation point of view, that's all.

    Galleries, first line "Bracelets" doesn't centre in Internet Exploder, but does in Mozilla Firefox.

    A lot of the images are missing the alternative text - I browse sometimes with the images switched off for speed, and have no idea what they are showing.

    There's a link in the sidebar for "Information" to a non-existent page.

    The links page took a while to open, and tried to open a popup as well! This would put me off buying completely.

    It's never too late to gyrate!


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      Violet Fusion - website

      Many thanks firstly for your feedback. There's been a lot of amendments to the site in the last few weeks.

      Big pictures - We have tried to have only the small files on the front page and large files only shown once small picture is clicked on. Hopefully most of these are now sorted and things load quicker.

      Pricing policy - on front page it is now gone, I am going to amend the FAQ's too.

      Sidebar - my hubby (webmaster) thought it was a good idea, and I thought it ugly so it was only done on front page. I will now think about askin him to remove it from frontpage.

      Bracelets - hopefully that's also fixed but I shall have to double check on that as I generally browse in ie.

      Alternative text - I am unsure as to what you mean by this. Perhaps you could explain further so that I can amend this also.

      Information page - it kinda got eaten or something :P It's now back.

      Links page - pop up of evil gone. it was for one of those companies who suppossedly help get traffic to your site. I didn't realise it did a pop up ( I have pop up blocker on). It has now been eradicated.


      I have been a busy bunny!

      If you have the time to look in again, and notice anything else wierd pls let me know.

      Again - many thanx.
      Violet Fusion - A Fusion of Dreams, Desire & Design.