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    When reading the 'about' on a website does it make a difference when considering buying to you whether reads I or we, the former indicating an individual.

    I originally had we but DH thought better to say I and be proud of what I made.

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    I/we have the same dilemma. I read a friends that said 'we', when I know it is a one man band - and it did sound professional and big.

    On the other hand, I'm am more of the opinion that you are making individual handmade pieces and the 'I' word adds to this idea.

    So I really think it is up to you what sits best with you and your website. (So no help then!)

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      Think this is a really tough one! I mulled it over alot when I was setting up my website and in the end decided to do the about bit as 'I' and do the terms and conditions as 'We'. I wanted the 'I' in the about bit as I am indeed a one woman band and am proud of the things I design and make but wanted 'We' in the terms and conditions as it seemed more in line with what others were doing and seemed more professional somehow. I did wonder if by using 'We' I might be misleading people but when I talked to my husband about it he did point out that he gave valuable opinions on designs and fabric choices/combinations, helps with packaging, does most of my posting, helps with my accounts and helps me to reach decisions on shop policy etc. Therefore that part genuinely is a 'We' really.
      So I'm voting for 'Either' but what I mean is actually 'Both'

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        I've just taken a look at your website and products and I think you should emphasis that these are created and imagined up by you. For gifts I think people like to feel they are buying something special and unique (well I do )


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          'I' think it should be I - our aim is to promote our skills as an individual crafts person. I know some people will realise that there is only one of us behind the website, but don't think we should hide that fact to others. Let's face it, we are proud of the fact that it is only us designing and producing our wonderful products, so let's say so.

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            Definitely a dilemma and I am guilty of using both.

            I think "I" shows the personal side, which is really important and the customer knows they're dealing with a real person. It is something the big organisations can't offer but would probably love to.

            I started out using "we" but am moving to "I" and that's where my vote goes.
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              I would rather deal with individual people than a company and with craftworkers in particular I may be a bit suspicious unless the 'we' were named people such as a husband and wife. I think the we would be OK if from the outset it was declared who the 'we' were and named.

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                I have voted for 'I' as well, you want people to know that the items have been completely designed and created by you. Although the 'we' may sound more professional in other industries I don't think it relates the same to a craft business


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                  Looking at it from the punters point of view it really depends on whether they understand or do crafts, or are more circumspect in their buying, in which case they would much rather purchase from an "I" site but those who don't have a clue about personal, hand made, individual products, and I think that these outnumber the latter, then "We" is the way to go if you want to lean in their direction. Its a hard one.
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                    That's a very good point Carol, think you've hit the nail on the head.

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                      Oh thankyou Ali. (She takes a curtsey)
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                        I've just been mulling this over too so glad I found this thread! I'm thinking now of going for the I only (I had noticed after re-reading my website i've used both and looks confusing).

                        Once again,this site has helped me stop dithering!


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                          When I first launched my website I used 'we' but to be honest, now I am re-vamping it I am planning to change to 'I' in the 'About' section. I agree with what others have said about being proud of what 'I' have created and not wanting to hide behind 'We'. But also agree that 'We' sounds better in the T&Cs etc. Hope this helps! x


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                            I vote WE, because WE are a WE, have to say I haven't really thought about it before though.

                            I also think a lot depends on what you are making/selling?

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                              Jane's right, if you're more than one, then use we, but if you aren't, be honest and don't pretend that you're a big company rather than an individual. I have to say, I also find using the royal 'we' incredibly naff.....

                              If you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself (and you should be able to take pride in your work!), then just talk about the product. Or if you feel very artisty (dahling) use the third person.

                              For things like T&C's just use the business name or none at all - almost anything can be reworded into clear English without needing to refer to we, I, they or anyone else.