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  • What do you want from a web site?

    My new web site looks good, lots of people have told me so but I am not selling anything much. So can you help by telling me what you want on a web site? It will be a great help and in the next few weeks I will be able to offer special prices on the things that you list.

    Craft Fairy

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    this is also the problem I met with?

    that is the problem we meet with. WE set the weside and do many things for it. But It seems a little useful. Now It is very normal to do business online, isn't it?

    Why?It is a very tough problem.


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      Hi Craftfairy,

      Yes - i thought the site looked fine, and i love the name!

      So, when you are saying you are not getting sales, i just need to clarify something....

      Are you getting lots of visitors (and if so, how many roughly) but no one is parting with their cash,


      Are you not getting many visitors to start with ?

      Out of interest, i saw a poll the other day on a business forum concering what % of visitors spent money, and after the maths was done, it came out at 1%

      So what % are you running at?

      All the best



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        One percent

        I would agree with that one percent figure, if you get a sale every one hundred visitors then you are faring well. It takes a few years to build up trade, try to get repeat business, that will improve your ratio over a period of time.
        Chris W.
        Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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          This thread is almost 3 years old......!

          Please watch the date when replying!!


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            But the great bit is Craftfairy can now update us all on how things went, and how long it all took for the web site to start working etc etc

            Over to you Craftfairy.