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Finally Finished My Rebrand!!!

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  • Finally Finished My Rebrand!!!

    After many months of work I'm pleased to announce that my re-brand is finally complete, and my new site - Lucy Liz - is finally up and runnining. It's all been a real labour of love so I hope you'll all take a minute to have a look at what we've done!!

    You'll also find Lucy Liz on Facebook at!/...99555560065251 so I hope you'll all have a look and hopefully a "like" !!

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    Looks really good - I love the changing coloured buttons!

    You do, however, need to add a returns policy/cooling off period and mailing address to comply with distance selling regulations which is a legal requirement when selling online. I would also recommend a telephone number (sorry if I missed it) as this gives purchasers much more confidence when buying online as they have a way of making contact with you directly.

    A great job - well done.
    Ali x

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      Thanks for that Ali, the phone number had been missed by mistake but I didn't realise about having a postal address on there - have ammended accordingly!
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        Hi Lucy,

        Your new site looks great, really clean & easy to navigate. The only thing missing for me is more description on the items themselves, for example, perhaps put the size of the bags in the description etc as it's hard to get a feel for the size on a photo, they look pretty big to me, but might be even bigger/smaller than I'd imagined.

        Hope that makes sense!

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          Wow, those Union Jack bags are great!

          Agree about mentioning the size of the item.

          I had trouble navigating and couldn't get to see the brooches until I clicked on the menu buttons randomly! Not sure what happened.
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            Thanks Bea, that's twice that's happened now, the buttons were randomly connecting to the wrong pages then it sorted itself out...will pass it on to my fiance/webmaster lol
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              Your new site looks great. I'm currently working on mine, so know how much work it takes.


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                Hi Lucy.....just added a few more bits to the site....I like the buttons you've used on your site good idea


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                  The site looks very clean and clear although the home page took ages to load for me (using chrome). I LOVE the big buttons that change colour and the simple headings...was a bit puzzled when the about button gave me a teeny paragraph about you and lots and lots of info on postage (and I almost missed the bit about commissions hidden away at the bottom of the postage info) It might be a redirect issue but I have to say I wouldn't have thought to look on the about page for postage information...

                  The product images are great - really clear. A little more detail about the products would be useful if I was shopping.

                  Good Luck with the rebrand...its looking good.


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                    I like the clean image - it is very easy to navigate and I can certainly understand the work that went into the website to produce it.

                    Just working on my own website and it is really hard to get things right.

                    Hope all your work sell well !
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                      I like the cleanliness of it, although the home page is not iPad compatible so I can't comment on that at the moment

                      Kim xx
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