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Can you please help,trouble loading my website

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  • Can you please help,trouble loading my website

    Hi all

    I recently got my website up and running with "create". I have been having trouble as it seems to load very slowly. My husband has cleared the cache (not that i have a clue what he talking about!) and we still having trouble. I did email Create to see if there were any problems with the site but they asuured me there weren't. I am still experiencing the same slow loading. Could i please ask you to go to my website below and tell me if you have trouble loading the main page or any of the other pages. Sometimes i find the main one loads but then i can't get anything else. I would appreciate your help and comments or any other advice on the subject. Thanks in advance.
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    Loaded fine for me. I clicked on a few pages and no problems.

    Try going onto a few different sites (mine is in my siggy if you want to try that one) and see if it is just your ISP running slowly. This can sometimes happen but it would affect all the sites, not just yours.

    If there are sites you use regularly which load quickly normally, try those - if you press CTRL + the 'F5' key together it will force the page to refresh which means it will reload the page rather than using a cached (saved) version.
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      The pages all load quickly for me, no problems, seems quite quick actually.
      I had a problem with my create site a while back. I can't remember what it was now but it was only a problem for me, it was fine for everybody else.
      Create said just to give it a day or so and it would be ok and it was.!/...52781658101133


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        I loaded fine for me was pretty quick to navigate to other pages
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          Thanks for that. Bit worring when it kept happening, concerned that others were getting the same thing. I would give up on a site if it happened to me like that. Yours are all loading fine by the way. My husband said he will look at the DNS forwarding. He also says it might be something to do with our IP address so I'll leave him to look into that.
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            It seems to load fine, you may be trying to access it at a peak time so that other broadband users in your area are also using the bandwidth which may slow things down considerably, or the other sites on the same hosting as yours may have also been busy, hence making things slow down. If it keeps happening, first check to see if other sites on a different host are slow, if they are its your broadband, if they are not, you just need a new host which you can find pretty cheaply these days.


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              I have just clicked on to your website and it loaded straight away. My internet connection is very slow normally, but your site opened instantly. Buy the way, what a nice website.
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                No problems here on Firefox, Chrome or IE sounds like a local problem on your machine.

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                  Hmm it loads fine, the problem is probably with your cookies, you might have saved old cookies of an older version of the site, and when your computer loads the updated version it has to re-correct it self so to speak. Clear your history and cookies (Not those cookies, keep them in the bread tin!).
                  Just curious, can you check how quick my site loads for you? I have a sinking feeling there is something up with this DNS rubbish
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