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  • Website question

    I have already had some good feedback regarding my website from members on this forum (Thanks you. ) but I have a little concern. I have a youtube video on my homepage of the website showing my jewellery.

    What I want to ask is would this out you off viewing the page? Also does it slow down the download speed for you.

    I want to create and set the scene so to speak on the website but even though I make handmade jewellery I don't want the website to appear handmade too.

    Do you think I should move the video off and keep it for my blog only or keep it as it is.
    The reason I ask is that quite often my "bounce rate" on google analytics is sometimes quite high.

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    Oops I have posted this in the wrong forum. It should have gone in website review forum, Can a mod move it for me please?

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      Tah dah! Here it is!


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        The video does not put me off or slow the site down. One thing I found were your index pages, everything starts with Egyptian but you have already explained you do Egyptian designs in your text and the title of the site, think it would be clearer if just read Bracelets, Earrings etc. I found it difficult to read/ Also the repetition of bracelets with different colours, could these not be put as a sub heading under bracelets eg: Bracelets, then options for all or specific colours. That way a customer looking for a bracelet would click bracelet then either be able to click on all or a colour. It would streamline the site to certain areas.
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          the you tube clip does not slow anything down for me. I do find the words Egyptian (egypt etc) is used a little bit too often though. on the home page intro there are lots of uses. sometimes i don't think its necessary and some of them could be removed. i agree with Caroline about the menu too. i don't think they all need to say Egyptian. hth
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            No loading problems for me, however to be honest I don't personally like the photos. This is just my opinion and maybe other people like it, but I don't like the jewellery photographed on sand and probably wouldn't buy from the site because I would be concerned that the jewellery may have been scratched etc by the sand that it is on.

            Also, I think the sand takes away the details present in Egypytian jewellery. If you Google 'Egyptian jewellery images' you won't find any images of the jewellery on sand and there is probably a good reason for that.

            Also, the 'history of Egyptian jewellery' text at the bottom of the site is very good but because it has been copied from another source, your site won't get credit for it from search would be far better in doing a similar thing but in your own words and in doing that you will help to convince search engines that you have authority on the subject (which at the end of the day is what it is all about).

            The video is good though and I like the fact that you get the choice of viewing it or not.

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              I would have to agree that the word 'Egyptian' is used far too much!
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                I agree that you have over Egyptian-ised your site a little. Nice theme though
                Kind regards,




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                  Lovely site and items for sale. The load time is instant for me and the video plays smoothly. I agree with all above remarks about the use of the word Egyptian etc. It makes it hard reading.
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