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    Hi all ... decided to get a site up and running as I am going to try my hand at selling at craft fairs. I would appreciate any and all constructive feedback but do please bear in mind it is a new site and therefore only designed to be basic!

    web addy is:

    Cheers guys

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    Hi Ash, what a great name for a woodturner....

    Congratulations on setting up your site, I haven't done one yet, hopefully it will get done soonish.

    I found the pages easy to click through and the photo's are clear. Are you planning to sell from your site?

    Jan x
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      Hi, tried to click on your website, but all I got was a green screen!


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        Hi Duke!
        I recently asked people to look at my site on this forum, I asked for honest opinions, and that's what I got! I was really pleased as I had to keep going back over my website, but each time felt I was getting nearer to what I wanted the end result to be.

        So now its my turn to share my thoughts.

        I think the pictures, and the gallery are really great. I love the name of the website. But I'm not so sure about the write-up at the beginning. It's not what you say, that's fine, it's nice and honest, but its the way you say it - it doesn't flow. This is just my opinion. I would do it differently, but if you are happy with it - it's your site not mine, so just ignore me! K


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          Have to agree with the comments about that's a great name for a wood turner


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            Hi Duke, sorry Ash ! I like the look of the website and as others have said it's easy to use. It's slightly confusing as you have said on the home page you are aiming to sell product but the site is a gallery not a shop, unless that is just not on there yet. Also I don't think you should mention you want to make some money, everyone in business is out to make some money if possible, but I don't think its the right comment for the front page. Put it on your blog if you must maybe phrased in a more subtle way such as, you are aiming to establish a small business using your acquired woodturning skills by offering them on line ( if you are going to have an online shop )and through selected handcrafted fairs.

            I'm certainly no expert on web sites but I think your home page should have, to give it the best chance of being picked up by Google crawlers and the like, the first 60 (?) words being a concise resume of exactly what you do and the more info you can cram into these words the better. Someone with more computer knowledge I'm sure will come along and advise you better on this.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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              It is a great name, like many others have mentioned. Also , the site is quite clear but not so concise a simpler introduction perhaps? It's only my opinion, it may not be what others feel
              Good luck
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                I like the site (green is my favourite colour so the site I am working on it pretty green too). I do agree that the write up on the front page could do with more info about the stuff you actually make.

                Oh and I love the stuff you make too!


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                  Originally posted by Eiledon View Post
                  Hi, tried to click on your website, but all I got was a green screen!
                  It didn't load on my browser (Firefox) either. Just got a blank screen, sorry.
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                    nice one Ash, ill add your site to the facebook page :-)


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                      Hi peoples and thanks for all the above comments! Some valid observations here and to be honest a couple of things that had not ocurred to me. For those of you not able to see the site it may be an issue with flashplayer as my friend got green screened too until he updated his flash codecs. All my work will be for sale but I havent got round to that particular side of things yet as I just wanted a place to showcase for now but it will definitely evolve soon. I am currently looking into the tax side of things before this happens tho!

                      Many thanks again and keep dropping by!


                      Asking me to make you a shelf is like asking Michealangelo to creosote your fence.