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  • My new website

    Hi everyone can you please take a look at my long awaited web site. It's finally finished and I think it looks pretty cool but could do with your input too. Thanks
    Sarah xx

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    Your site looks lovely and got my mouth watering just looking at your lovely choccies.

    The site is very clear and easy to navigate.

    Hope you do well.
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      Your site looks fab, the pictures of the choccies are really clear and VERY tempting and like the idea of the chocolate parties - really wish I lived in Leicester still.

      One suggestion if that's OK is to maybe make the p&p charges a bit easier to find - took me ages but then again it could just be me.

      Also, don't know if it'd be possible and it's just an idea but is there any way to add a 'date required' bit on the order form so people can order a few weeks ahead - it might get those potential customers who look, think 'it's so-and-so's birthday next month' and then completely forgot about ordering your chocs nearer the time. I speak from personal experience here as I'm terrible for forgetting pressie ideas.
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        Mmmmm.......... your website looks delicious! Looks great and I hope it goes well for you.
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          Ow my god you have made me hungry - haven't had breakfast yet - now where is that bar of dairy milk!!

          Excellent site very clear and professional.

          Well done.


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            It looks fab! The chocolate pictures have got me drooling already! Great work. Crossed fingers for you. x
            Anice xx
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              Hi your website looks great, anychance of making some that are guaranteed nut free as my husband has nut allergies and always misses out. I know quite a few people with nut allergies.

              Thanks Heather
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                Looking good! I love the marble chocolate - yum yum! I like Natty Netty's ida about putting a required date on it - might get you a few more orders.
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                  Dairy freeeeeeeeeee, hoooooraaaaaahhhh!!!!


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                    Looks great - (choccies really tempting) and nice and easy to navigate around.
                    Best of luck


                    • #11
                      I'm very tempted... Might have to test these out!

                      One thing for me is you need more dark choc's .. Like just a box of different dark choc's and maybe milk for those with a really sweat tooth..

                      Site works well and looks good

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                      • #12
                        Looks great!
                        I agree with the 'plan ahead' idea
                        Yum yum yum!!!


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                          Oh gawd ... I don't envy you your job .... I'd never get any chocolate made !

                          I think your site looks really professional and I will definitely be placing orders for Chrimbo.

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                            Ooooooooooo they look scrummy!!! plus your prices are quite good - I have certainly placed you in my favorites for when needed

                            Quick question - would you be able to personalise any of them at all? Its just that my hubby is American and he's got a special birthday in November. I'm going to be giving him a surprise party with an american theme - also do you do sugar free at all?

                            Whereabout in Leicester are you? I married a leicester lad and had my two eldest kids. Also have a sister and best friend lives there so I'm always popping down!

                            LOL......just read this back and it was 3 questions not 1...

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                              ooh your site looks delicious!! Easy to navigate and well set out - good luck though im not sure you need it!!
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                              Website in progress - will update soon.