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Does a Flash website work for everyone?

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  • Does a Flash website work for everyone?

    Hi all,
    It's been a long time since my last post! Hope you're all well. I've recently been working hard on a new website and was wondering if anyone would care to take a look and see if the Flash-ness works. I'm in the process of doing a non-flash one too, which should load faster, but that's still a bit half-baked at the moment!
    The Flash site is here:

    I've been told by some people that it's slow/won't load but I just wondered what anyone else found.

    The old website address (below) will eventually take you to it but it's not quite right yet :P
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    Hi Emily, it looks good. Well done. It was only slow compared to instant.

    I'd have to want to see your stuff to hang around while it was loading.
    I think if I'd stumbled on it looking for something else I would have wandered away.

    Is there any way you can get more of a picture to come up instantly to grab the viewer's attention while the rest loads up?


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      Hi Emily.
      Took 8 seconds for your new link to load, using the old link to the static site was virtually instantanious. As said if I was shopping I probably wouldn't wait around for it to load. Also and this is just personal, I don't like flash, find it distracting when trying to read anything on the page.

      Hope this helps.

      Tam "now a hobby woodturner"

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        I found it pretty slow to load and the page I waited for didn't really give me much so I would navigate away from it anyway.

        There was a long wait looking at a blank white page and if I was a genuine visitor, I would have left at that point. Personally I don't like flash sites as they tend to make you wait for something which is pretty but not necessarily informative. If the option is there, I always skip the flash.

        To me, it seems like a lot of hard work which may infact be creating a barrier and losing you visitors and sales.

        Sorry, but you asked for opinions.... I agree with AnnieAnna - if you could have some pictures instead of a blank screen, this may solve the problem.
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          Thanks very much for your input - I'm definitely going to have a non-flash version up too which I'm working on at the moment so your opinions are much appreciated!
          Emily x
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            It took a few seconds to load for me, but once the first page loaded it was fast browings through the tabs.

            Your work is amazing by the way

            Lucie Simmons
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              flash is really bad way to make a site...

              flash elements in a page for video and alike are fine but in web dev there is no reason in the world to process a flash only site.

              here are some pros and cons

              slow, only fast connections take see your site
              only people who install flashplayer can see your site
              iphone's, ipads and many other devices can not use your site
              very very hard to promote your site on search engines (your lucky if you come up for anything)
              You can't use free shopping engines like google shopping.
              Most effects can be made with jquery or alike javascripts


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                It loaded really fast for me. About 4 seconds and there was a welcome message pop up. I wouldn't mind waiting that long as sometimes it is alot longer for other sites.
                I don't like the banners with the advertising on it, mainly the wix thing on the right side. All the other pages and photos seem to be pretty fast to me. I wouldn't have a problem looking at this site on my computer.


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                  I looove your jewellery !

                  But I'm afraid I agree with the others about flash. I don't like it at all for all the above reasons. I couldn't view your flash site because I haven't updated my flash player, but I'd prefer to be straight into the site without having to choose between flash and non flash. I think 0103media is right, when he says use a bit of flash further into the site, for added interest, or to promote something but not on the home page.

                  I hope my opinion helps, it must have been a lot of work doing the flash.
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                    Thanks again for all your replies, I must admit I was quite taken with the idea initially but now I've kind of gone off the flash thing. I think I'll probably resort back to the non-flash version soon anyway. I guess the most important thing is the content and not the fact that things fly around or whatever haha!

                    And thank you for the nice comments about my jewellery too
                    Emily Richard Jewellery

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                      Personally I don't have an opinion on flash either way. But one point to consider (IT is my day job). As we're getting more and more people using things like iPads and iPhones. The guys at Apple really hate flash and they won't let their portable devices download it for security reasons. We use a mag flipping solution that's flash based ( if anyone's looking for something like that - it's free) and it doesn't work on iPads and iPhones because of this.

                      Just a bit of info you might find useful.

                      David & Catherine


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                        I didn't know that! Thanks!
                        Emily Richard Jewellery

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