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Well Done Seahorse!!

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  • Well Done Seahorse!!

    Well i can't believe it, see what happens when i leave you all for a week, you go and get some fab websites up and running!!

    Thought i should say well done to Seahorse for her fab website ( & Mr M of course)
    Good site, like the blurb on it, and nice stuff, different, (i mean that in a good way) which is what it's all about in this game..
    Good luck with it!!

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    Thank you verily much.
    This craft lark is a team game, alot of people have helped me and I thank them all , all you yummy people.

    Where have you been?

    Poisoned Apple Theatre - Handmade Crafts on Facebook


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      I've been...

      To The War & Peace Show in Beltring, Kent.
      The largest Military Vehicle Show in the world....
      Lots of like minded people sitting in fields surrounded with greenstuff.....
      Lots of Swing bands, 1940's dancing, which i lurrrrrve
      Have a peak....

      Mind you got a bit muddy at one point.....


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        My goodness, did you get to drive a tank!!!??

        Poisoned Apple Theatre - Handmade Crafts on Facebook


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          Been there...

          Not there but yes i have driven a tank as friends have got one.
          Other half has got his tracked vehicle licence so he can drive one on the road (!) and yes they do!!!!!!
          I just had a go around a field...Blinking hard to pull the leavers for a weakling like me....
          Leave it for the boys i say.


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            Hi Seahorse, I agree, website looks good and it's nice to finally see your craft work! I like your "blurb" on each piece, really well thought out and different for each one too, by the time I get to that stage on my website I've had enough and probably don't "sell" things as I should, after seeing yours I'll make more of an effort!

            I would say that some pictures on the intro pages would make those pages a bit more enticing for me, they look a little plain but that's probably because I go overboard for pictures (I'm in the middle of a website re-vamp, you'll see what I mean once I make the new version live!)
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