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Anyone Seling On Etsy ?

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  • Anyone Seling On Etsy ?

    I have listed a few items on Etsy, along side of our web site and ebay shop, as I have seen a few people from here also listing there ?

    Just wondered if anyone has had any success with the site and making any sales ?

    Is it worth the time / money in your opinion in selling on Etsy ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated - Many thanks

    Lisa xx

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    I've only listed one or two bits on there but haven't sold anything, I'll see how it goes as it is cheap to put your stuff on there.

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      I am on Etsy!

      I think its quite good, its dead cheap and I have been on there since the 9th July and sold 9 items so far which isn't bad.

      I spend a bit of time in the promotions part of the forum, trying to get in treasuries etc.

      I have the same username there as here, whats yours? I will check out your shop!


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        I've sold a couple of bracelets on there, but I don't have much listed.

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          I listed a few of my mosaics on their some months ago. I recently updated my shop and added some new ones but so far am yet to make any sales. I think that etsy has so much on it you really do need to promote yourself to ensure people find your items.
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            Im doing quite well on etsy, im trying to build a large mailing list before I set up my own website. I need losts of regular customers.
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