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  • Sizzix

    Hello! I'm new to card making and make quite basic but cheerful cards. I'm seeing Sizzix in every magazine I read and have also bought some cutouts from eBay. Can anyone tell me pls what I ned other than a Sizzix machine and whatever dies, i.e. if I buy a Sizzix machine am I opening a can of worms and will find that I need add ons etc. also, do I have to buy any special paper?

    Also, why are dies in various colours? Can you not use, say, a yellow dye, with pink paper?

    Pls help - u can see I need it.

    Many thanks.

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    Hi there marion.

    Welcome to the world of card making!

    There are several die cutting machines around. Sizzix, Quickutz and Accucut being the main ones, but sizzix being the most popular - although the Quickutz dies are (in my opinion) much nicer - see my store for examples - click link below to take you to first page of shapes. (I'm not asking you to purchase just helping out - although if you want to buy any thats fine too!)

    Anyway - sizzix dies come in three colours - green, yellow and red. These colours are simply to give you an idea of the size of shape you will get, green being smallest, red largest. Thats all the colours are for, a size guide - you can use any coloured die with any paper/card etc.

    Firstly I would say don't go out investing in your own machine unless you are sure you will use it lots - every die wil set you back several pounds so it may be better just to buy the ready cut shapes from reputable people like me!! (I have to try!!)

    You can then buy Quickutz dies and use these on the sizzix machine but you have to buy 2 special convertor plates in order to cut through your paper. There are also Sizzix sizzlits which are a smaller set of Sizzix dies (smaller than the green ones) and for these you have to buy one of the convertors.

    You can apparently cut all sorts of materials on a sizzix machine (although I have'nt personally tried), not just paper and card, but felt, leather etc.

    I hope this helps you out a bit - I know there's a lot to take in at first! But my advise is make sure you like and know you will use plenty of the shapes before buying all the tools.

    Best Wishes

    EA Cards and Crafts

    For die cut shapes go to :

    EA Cards and Crafts
    Huge choice of papercraft, jewellery and wedding products! Full papercrafts catalogue available.


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      Hi Elizabeth

      Many thanks for your reply, which is much the same as another I received in another forum. I think you're right and I'll continue to purchase the Sizzix shapes I need from eBay and perhaps yourself. I've saved your lovely website in my favourites. You have some beautiful items.




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        Christmas sizzix

        this is the address of my ebay shop.

        I have a cross cuts Tree out line and Santa suit (with about 14 pieces in it.)

        Quickutz santa head bundles, this has lights in it and reindeers.

        Sizzix large santa face.
        Sizzix small tree, and snow flakes.

        plus add tags of lots of sizes.

        ops: ops: ops:

        I have lots of charms, including Italian ones, stickers, stickopotamus and die cuts.


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          I have been making cards for 3 years now and warn you that it is addictive. I have moved this year into a more buisness like approach and have started selling card making supplies from my web site [url=].

          I have had a sizzix machine from day one and find it is great for card makers and crafters for their own use.

          However now I am selling die cuts I decided to get an accucut grandmaster which is huge and can cut some really amazing shapes much better than sizzix shapes in my opinion.
          Please feel free to visit my new website for all manner of card making supplies. I have been making and selling crafts for 3 years.