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    I would be grateful if anyone can give me some website tips. I have been going through this whole optimisation process and seem to be getting fewer visitors than ever!!!
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    What are you using to track your visitors to your site ? which optimisation methods are you using ? as some methods record information in different ways,

    The only thing i would change on your site would be the choice people have in the top left hand side of your sire for "Craft Home Page" and "Wedding Pages Only" when you click the wedding pages it takes you away from the main site in the same window - this may increase your "bounce rate" as people are leaving on the same page they arrived on, I would have the wedding pages open in a new window / tab and keep the main site on peoples screens for them to return to,

    Hope this helps
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      I hope you don't think I'm being picky, but your Wedding page is much easier on the eye than the craft one. I would change the royal blue font colour to either black or something like a dark pink or purple to go with the pretty background pink a bit more.
      I can't really help with the optimisation though, sorry!


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        Thanks for your comments, I will ask my webmaster (other half) about the separate window. The font I can do, will have a play.
        Crafts ~ Scrapbooking ~ Weddings


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          That purple is much nicer


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            First off, people think websites are like a book, read from the front (home page) to the end.. This is NOT how the web works..

            See each page on your site as it own platform to sell...

            I'm just going to look at one page and you can apply these ideas/rules to others..


            Title tag is "Christmas range 2010" ? so your trying to rank for "Christmas range 2010" but regarding what?

            It doesn't say what the page is about? Is about underwear ? choc ? fishing rods ? who knows ??

            Same with the content.. the top of the page its the most important... Again the heading in the copy is "Christmas range 2010" range of what?

            Below the heading you have a feed back paragraph... Now for me if i'm shopping online I don't need to see the feedback form and info at the top I need to see what your selling...

            You have a feedback link in the top header of the site which is enough imho..

            The same thing applies to the facebook and gift paypal thingy at the top.. Is facebook /gift the most important thing to you as it seems its at the top of every page ? This inturn push the products down the page..

            If you click and image it open the image in a bigger size but the user HAS to use the back button to get back to the page which is good...
            I thought that when I click the image it would give me more detail about the product but this is not the case...

            For the images i'd suggest using something like lightbox which open the large image within the page see here :

            The meta description of the above page is

            PHP Code:
            <meta name="description" content="Feedback and customer satisfaction is a strong focus for us at Jasmines Cards so feel free to use the feedback form at any time to help us help you. More stock arriving all the time, keep checking our site for all the latest Christmas goodies coming in for this year."
            Again this page isn't about Feedback from your customers is about ????

            Apply the same sort of ideas to all pages then go out and get as many links as you can..

            Hope that helps

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