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  • Comments on my new site please!

    I've just finished (for now) my new beads site, having moved it to Create. I found it pretty easy to do, but after listing over 400 products, descriptions and photos my brain can't cope any more and I'd be grateful for any comments!

    I'm going to be moving my jewellery one (link in sig) over when it's up for renewal, do you think it would work in the same style as the beads one? I think the shop pages on the beads one look neater rather than a huge long list although you do have an extra click to buy something.
    Any thoughts much appreciated!

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    I like it - very clear, well organised, easy to find things. Well done on a massive undertaking. Moving websites is never easy!!
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      Well done Jane - I moved my site from Mr Site to Create earlier in the year so you have my complete sympathy having to move so many products (I had about 384 + many alternative colour options!) I was cross-eyed at the end but it was so worth it!

      Your site looks great - easy to navigate and quick to load. I like that you can see the products clearly and can click and purchase on those which you want to buy.

      Well done.
      Ali x

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        hello jane
        If you make the photo more clear and make some flash,it would be more nice and attactive!
        i have a wedsite too,and i let the wed maker change for times,and i thinker it get more nice!


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          Thanks for your comments, it's nice to be reassured that the effort was worth it!!
          Now to plan the same thing for Pirate Treasures when that comes up for renewal...


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            Web site looks FAB and to be honest you will find the Jewellery move a doddle later am sure :-)

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              Looking good Must have taken ages to move it all!!

              I have a few suggestions (really hope you dont mind! I dont want seem rude, you really have done a great job).

              Add a "Favicon" - just incase you dont know what one is (I expect you do though) is the little icon that appears on tabs within browsers etc (this forum has a pink "CF" favicon).

              On the front page it might look a little better if you center the "Welcome to Black Pearl Beads and Findings" and change the font colour to a darker purple than the subheading - it would just tie it in with the rest of the page a little better. Although saying that it is called "Black Pearl Beads and Findings"... Just seems like there are a lot of very similar colours about - might be worth syncronising some of the hex codes and adding some contrasting colours.

              Also, the "Shop" page is basically just used for the P&P Info - why not remove the category list from that page (which is easily seen on the sidebar) and change the title of the page to something like "P&P Info" and move it to the bottom of the sidebar list?

              I saw that you set up a Facebook page, would be great to set up a Twitter page too - use it to announce new products etc. There is a way to bridge Facebook and Twitter so that if you post on one it automatically posts on the other if you see what I mean. Saves time!

              Anyway, enough of my random thoughts/suggestions! Good luck, the sites looking great, I've bookmarked it and may be putting in an order soon!


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                I like it.

                I guess the only criticism I can muster is that your 'About Us' page reads more like an FAQ, with only the actual 'About' as a footnote. Maybe either more the note about you up or rename the page.

                But really, even that isn't necessary. Just trying to find something.
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                  Oh. And I love love love the Pirate Treasures link! Well, the goodies there, to be specific. Really cool!
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                    Hi, thanks again for more comments - criticism and suggestions are good & helpful and always welcome!
                    I've made a favicon now I had one on my old site, but hadn't got round to it yet with this one
                    I don't seem to be able to change the font of the 'welcome' bit - I tried when I first set up the site. It's the automatic home page with a Create site and I think the only way to not have it is to delete the page and make a new home page, so I just stuck with it!
                    The 'shop' page is a bit annoying, again it appeared as an automatic one and I couldn't work out how to get rid of it without hiding all the categories from the sidebar menu, so again I worked with what I had. I appear to have no choice in having the category list on the page as well. If anyone else on Create can offer any advice I'd be grateful!
                    I do have a Twitter account, but haven't added it to the website yet, I had it on my old one but kept forgetting to tweet, especially when there was nothing
                    new to say so I didn't want it looking old an neglected!
                    The 'About' page is again a standard Create package one. I might delete it and copy & paste the info onto a new one called 'FAQ'.


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                      Blimey there's some work gone into listing that lot, you must be cross eyed by now. I know zilch about beads (to me they are raised rounded sections on a turned piece of wood) so used the search for different materials and apart from the fact that I didn't know where to start looking it looked like a bead users paradise and seems easy to navigate and use.

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                        Just looked at your site, can't give any more feedback than what has already been said, but have bookmarked your sites as already seen a few beads I would like and had already been looking (ie the leaf beads) so expect an order Monday