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    of my website? Finally got to 25 posts and would love to hear your opinions as I have changed it so many times and really should stop tweaking it! It's also a good chance for you to see what I do as for some reason I cannot fathom how to upload any pictures onto my profile or onto the thread specifically for showing off!

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    Wow! It's amazingly professional looking! You're products are stunning, and the site seems to compliment them really well...

    I have no idea how to upload pictures to here either lol... My website is now where near as professional as that - I mean, you can totally tell mine was free and that I have only the smallest idea on how to use the editor lol

    Would you mind if I advertised your website on my site? I have a links page and I wanted to put other people's handmade/crafted sites up to hopefully 'spread the joy' of handcrafted products in general lol - I won't be offended if you say no! Just thought I'd ask as your site is stunning!
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      Becs, thank you very much for your lovely comments! It has taken an age to get it right. I would love for you to link to my site, I'm honoured that you've asked.

      Mandy x


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        Lovely website. Your jewellery is really beautiful. Maybe you could include an about me section as i would have been really interested to know more about the person and ideas behind the brand.
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          Ooh, pretty I love, love, love the butterfly tiara. I can't work out how to post photos either so I link to my FB page to show things off
          Ballderdash & Bunting
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            Very nice site and very nice items. Well done

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              Thank you Colour Couture, I had been thinking about an info page but then got really stuck for what to write!! I will have to have another go at it!

              Ballderdash - thank you the butterfly one is new but it's so gorgeously detailed I think it will sell well. Not on FB - can't understand/get sites like that!

              Curious Cat - thank you