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Please can you review my new jewellery website!

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  • Please can you review my new jewellery website!


    Any comments welcome, would be great to get some feedback now I have finally got it going live

    Thank you to everyone in advance for your help!
    Ayla Jewellery:

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    Hi, looks like your making gorgoeus pieces. Are tehy just for women? Do you want to be part of Bedfords ultimate Christmas fair where you can showcase your products in a luxurious and central location? If so we want to hear from you, be part of what will be an amazing fashion&lifestlye fair showcasing Bedfords finest!call us on 0750 825 6197 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0750 825 6197 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email us at [email protected]
    looking forward to hearing from you, booths are limited so get in touch ASAP! pass it on!!


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      Your jewellery is beautiful. There are a few points about your site which I think need looking at:

      1. The text on your main pages (T&Cs, Detailed Product information, etc) is way too small - I got headache trying to read it. As it is also grey rather than black text I think some people will not be able to read it at all.
      2. Is there a different way of displaying your shop items on the first page? The text is cropped off halfway through the title of most of the products which make them difficult to see exactly what it is.
      3. The left and right pics on your banner/header look distorted. The centre one looks fine but the other two look like they have been stretched to fit the space and I don't think it shows off your jewellery very well.
      4. Your shop says that the price is excluding VAT and Delivery but I couldn't find anywhere which showed what that cost. I am not sure why you are separating the VAT from your prices - I don't like this personally as it means the price advertised is misleading and I would automatically think that the site was run by a large company pretending to be a smaller hand crafted company. (Don't get angry - I am just saying what I would think - I am not accusing you of trying to mislead people!)
      5. Finally, I have a pet hate of sites where I have to register and log in unless it is one of the big concerns such as Amazon, etc. I am sure that I am not alone that it puts me off a site so I worry that it may lose you some customers.

      I think your layout is simple and not overcluttered which is great and the photo on your home page shows how beautifully presented your products are which is a massive plus point.

      Hope this helps - don't mean to always sound negative and feel free to completely ignore all of the above!!

      Finally, I have a pet hate about sites
      Ali x

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        Thanks so much for your feedback AliCat Not angry at all its great to get some feedback! Agreed on the product descriptions being cut off point...something I am working on but have not quite solved yet!

        Have increased the size of the Ts&Cs and the Privacy Policy (that one I managed quite easily!) and have sorted out the ‘excluding VAT’ confusion.

        And you should be able to buy from the site without registering as a couple of previous customers have not registered and have managed to make a purchase.

        Thank you again for taking the time to give such a good response!
        Ayla Jewellery:


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          I think its looks really good. Gives a good professional impression.


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            Your jewellery looks . . . . scrum-diddly-umptious . . . . can you tell I have been watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ?

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