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OK - I'm back on Etsy!

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  • OK - I'm back on Etsy!

    After getting sick to death of how useless Freewebs is - even when you pay for it - and knowing I can't afford a proper website with all the fun of chasing google & alexa, I've decided I may as well ride on the back of larger sites!
    Now.............if only we had something like that for the uk..............hmmmm...........??

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    Glad to hear you are back up and running Peter. Have you thought about a Mr Site website. It's very cheap and easy and so far, I haven't had any problems with it at all.
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      And I hope you get flooded with commissions!
      Your designs are really beautiful - I look at your website when I'm feeling a bit pants and it always cheers me up! I'd be scared of breaking something (well, not me but my kids trying to throttle me with a necklace!)

      The best of British to you!


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        Glad your bank on board. After all even a starving artist has to eat sometimes.



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          I've hearted your shop, Peter

          And just noticed I have nothing currently listed in mine

          There is Dawanda, which is a European version, based in Germany.

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            Thanks Melanie - I've only just seen these thanks Swirly as well! I keep wondering about Dawanda, I e mailed Hannah Zakari as well, but no reply, so my stuff must be too good for them!


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              I hearted you back in March when you were first on there! If you do hear from Dawanda then I would like to know what they say.
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                I tried registering....................not easy, they want all the boxes filled in or it goes red! I might have another go when it stops raining.


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                  I'm learning all the time, I'd never heard of etsy or dawanda before today but now I've listed items for sale on both of them. So that's a big THANK YOU from me to this forum.

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                    If you are looking for a cheap hosting package, i use store2go.. only costs £17.99 quarterly - and they are very good


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                      Peter - I've just got back from Mallorca where a lot of the jewellery shops had bead-work like yours......

                      It must be popular in Spain at the moment.....? Maybe try finding a venue there?

                      Also - try for a good low-cost web-hosting package.
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